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Characters List

Tower of Fantasy Character: ClaudiaCLAUDIATower of Fantasy Character: Cobalt-BCOBALT-B
Tower of Fantasy Character: Coco RitterCOCO RITTERTower of Fantasy Character: HaneHANE
Tower of Fantasy Character: HumaHUMATower of Fantasy Character: KarasumaKARASUMA
Tower of Fantasy Character: KingKINGTower of Fantasy Character: MerylMERYL
Tower of Fantasy Character: SamirSAMIRTower of Fantasy Character: ShiroSHIRO
Tower of Fantasy Character: ZeroZERO-
Tower of Fantasy Character: Bai LingBAI LINGTower of Fantasy Character: HildaHILDA
Tower of Fantasy Character: ManakaMANAKATower of Fantasy Character: PeppaPEPPA
Tower of Fantasy Character: XIXI-

Weapons List

Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Red Lotus BladeRed Lotus BladeTower of Fantasy Weapon: Blazing RevolverBlazing Revolver
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Zero PointerZero PointerTower of Fantasy Weapon: Ice Wind VectorIce Wind Vector
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: V2 Meltdown ShieldV2 Meltdown ShieldTower of Fantasy Weapon: Lightning BladesLightning Blades
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Black Crow ScytheBlack Crow ScytheTower of Fantasy Weapon: Rose's EdgeRose's Edge
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Supermagnetism Double StarSuper magnetism Double StarTower of Fantasy Weapon: Ring of the Sea BladeRing of the Sea Blade
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Veto CubeVeto Cube-
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Nightbird's FeatherNightbird's FeatherTower of Fantasy Weapon: The TerminatorThe Terminator
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: ThunderboltThunderboltTower of Fantasy Weapon: Spectre of the StigmataSpectre of the Stigmata
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Initial StrikeInitial Strike-
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Electromagnetic BladeElectromagnetic BladeTower of Fantasy Weapon: Compound BowCompound Bow
Tower of Fantasy Weapon: Fighting BladesFighting BladesTower of Fantasy Weapon: Ice SpearIce Spear

Material List

Material list is coming soon!

Guides List

How to Download Tower of Fantasy on PC, iOS, AndroidHow to download and play Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy Currency Guide
How to increase FPS in Tower of Fantasy
How to explore in Tower of Fantasy Open World
Tower of Fantasy English Translate versionUseful Translation for New Players
Weapons Combos Guide

Game Information

Tower of Fantasy Game Information: Release Date, Platforms, Download.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world post-apocalyptic handheld game developed by Hotta Studio on Unreal 4 engine and release for iOS and Android in China, Global version is not yet release.

Release Date:December 16, 2021
Platforms:Android, iOS, PC

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