The Block 2018-12-13

  • The Block to showcase community creations on the shared game map,might be Season 7 most exciting new addition,and should take some of the pressure off Epic to pump out new content every single week.

How to get Infinity Blade 2018-12-13

  • How to get Infinity Blade and transform into a killing machine and easily win the battle.But if you want to get this infinity blade you guys need to know the location where the infinity blade is.

X-4 Stormwing Plane 2018-12-12

  • X-4 Stormwing Plane is new vehicle that epic games just released on Fortnite Battle Royale in 7.00 patch notes.This plane can carry 4 players on it and your teammate can stand on the plane and kill the enemies easily.

The Storm King Released 2018-12-11

  • The Storm King Released is now available in 7.00 patch.This is the First Boss Battle in Fortnite Battle Royale every fortnite players need to beat the boss and will get a surprise gift.

Tier 100 Battle Pass Skin Season 7 2018-12-07

  • Tier 100 Battle Pass Skin Season 7 in Fortnite. Like Dire and Ragnarok and Omega before him,we have yet another ""Bad guy"" type badass skin as the tier 100 unlock for Fortnite Seanson 7.

60 Fps Mobile 2018-12-06

  • 60 Fps Mobile is the new update that Epic Games added for the IOS devices only.It will give the players to have a better quality game play and no more lag while playing this game.

Fortnite Season 7 DownTime 2018-12-06

  • Epic games has comfirmed the Fortnite Season 7 downtime,with details of when Fortnite servers will go offline for the new 7.0 update and new imprending battle pass.

Guided Missile 2018-12-04

  • Guided Missile has a unique feature in that the Missile can be controlled freely,Controlling the Missile can be stopped to use it as a regular Rocket,or to react to enemies in time.

Quadcrasher 2018-12-03

  • Quadcrasher will bring speed and hefty punch to the game charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air! And that front-end mangler looks intimidating.

ATK 2018-12-03

  • ATK is really useful in many ways.For starters you can carry a full squad of four in there,so it's already better that a cart.Plus you get a speed boost fro drifting,and the roof doubles up as a jump pad when you need another kind of lift altogether.

Shopping Cart 2018-11-30

  • Shopping Cart is a kind of vehicle in Fortnite Battle Royale that allow all the players use it to drive and also can use this vehicle to escape from the storm or the enemies.

Fiend Hunter Crossbow 2018-11-30

  • Fiend Hunter Crossbow is well-suited weapon for defeating the Cube Monster,because it deals extra damage to them,has infinite ammunition,and makes less noise than a firearm.

Stink Bomb 2018-11-28

  • Stink Bomb were added to Fortnite for the time in a content update by Epic Games.It'll explode into a poisonous cloud on impact and slowly whittle down anyone caught in its toxic mist.

Minigun 2018-11-28

  • Minigun can be great choice for causing the damage in the closer and medium range,but the time required to start the weapon may be a drawback when the target has a gun that can shoot immediately.

Compact SMG 2018-11-27

  • Compact SMG takes inspiration from the FN P90,though it has a longer handguard,shoter rear end with a small stock and the railed frame is moved further from the trigger grip.

Submachine Gun 2018-11-27

  • Submachine Gun is very good at close to medium range and boasts a fire rate of 13 bullets per second.It looks like the Suppressed Submachine Gun,with higher rate of fire,but shorter range.

Rocket Launcher 2018-11-26

  • Rocket Launcher is great to use against enemies,with very large range and massive damage,and travel speed is a little slower than in Save the world.Rocket launcher does massive amounts of structure damage,which is great for taking out bases.

Quad Launcher 2018-11-26

  • Quad Launcher can fire 4 Rockets very quickly,without the need to reload,which is good for destroying structures and dealing massive damage to enemies.

Grenade Launcher 2018-11-26

  • Grenade Launcher is perfect to destroy structures and delivering massive damage to targets with continuous fire,but it is difficult to use,as one need to aim higher to compensate for the arc trajectory of the Grenades.

Hunting Rifle 2018-11-24

  • Hunting Rifle is best used in medium to long range against targets,capable of dealing great damage.However,it requires more skill to account for the bullet drop at longer ranges.

Heavy Sniper 2018-11-24

  • Heavy Sniper was said to be a bolt-action sniper rifle,and would come in a legendary rarity,so it was expected to be very, very powerful and can destroy even metal in one shot.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 2018-11-24

  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is one of the most powerful Sniper Rifles in Fortnite Battle Royale,able to deal massive damage to a target and also being able to eliminate a player with full health and full shield with a headshot.

Six Shooter 2018-11-24

  • Six Shooter, The recent teaser images of the nightmare event foreshadowed the arrival of a weapon,but it is not the revolver that makes its comeback, the update 6.20 bring the six-shooter pistol,a real cowboy weapon.

Suppressed Pistol 2018-11-20

  • Suppressed Pistol a new option to get sneaky with a silenced pistol (suppressed pistol),already live and ready to be found as you scrounge the map.You'll also have the chance to put those quiet weapons to the test in the limited time sneaky silencers mode.