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Welcome to the Rubilia Team in Tower of Fantasy. Down below are some of the best team comp for Rubilia that can deal tons of damage that you can use in the battle with different options. 

Check out the 4 Different Rubilia Team Comp Options down below:

Rubilia + Fiona + Fenrir

Rubilia Altered Team | Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

This Rubilia Volt team combined with Fiona Altered. Start with Fiona Skill and switch to Fenrir(A3) then use her skill this combo deals a lot of damage and also heals back with Fenrir's skill.

After that you can use Fenrir Dodge attack to break the target's Shatter and when the discharge point is full use the Rubilia charge to deal follow-up damage. Then use Rubilia's skill followed by two dodge attack to heal the Thorn backup.

You can use the same rotation skill when all the character skill is reset.

Rubilia + Tian Lang + Fenrir

Rubilia Team Triple Volt DPS Team | Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

This is the Full Triple Volt DPS team. In this team you should go with Tian Lang A3 & Fenrir A3 or A6 because this will boost better damage than you go for Rubilia A3. 

But if you want this team to become stronger you can go for Rubilia A5 or A6 with full Rubilia matrices will buff her up a ton of damage. 

Rubilia + Lin + Fenrir

Rubilia Full DPS Altered Team | Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

This is Rubilia Volt team that combined with Lin DPS Altered damage. This team is also dealt a lot of damage if you don't have Fiona but can use Lin to replace her. 

Goes for A3 Fenrir in team because she has so much synergy with Rubilia and boosts a lot of damage with her Skill. 

Rubilia + Fenrir + Nemesis

Rubilia Triple Volt & Heal Team | Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

This is the Other Full Triple Volt team if you don't have Tian Lang you can replace it with Support Heal from Nemesis. 

This team will give you great Lightning damage with Rubilia Skill & Discharge plus Fenrir(A3) skill & dodge attack that can easily break enemy shatter quickly with the back heal & fast charge point that comes from Nemesis.


In this article, We just pick only 4 Team Comp for Rubilia that fit very if we put them together. These are the team comp that can deal a lot of damage and great combo inside the game. You also can put Rubilia into other Tower of Fantasy Team comp but not deal as much damage as these 4 Teams above.

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