Tower of Fantasy Lin Guide | Best Build & Matrices

Lin is a new SSR simulacra that introduce into Tower of Fantasy. Guide on which characters should Lin team up with, matrices build & gift list.

Check out all Lin full information and Build guide down below:

Character & Weapon Banner Info

Tower of Fantasy Lin - zilliongamer

Lin is a new SSR DPS simulacra. She was born on September 3 in a town called Mirrorla. She is also a newcomer that will explore the world of Tower of Fantasy with her Shadoweave as her main weapon.

Check out Lin Tier List Here.

  • EN Voice Actor: ERIN YVETTE
  • JP Voice Actor: YOSHINO NANJO

How to Get Lin Simulacra

This simulacra is a limited offer character. In order, to get her you need to spend Red Nucleus in the limited-time Mirror's Shadow Special order.

How to Get Lin Matrices

This matrix is also a limited-time offer. You can go to Neon Shackles special order and spend Special Voucher to get all of her Chips.

Weapon Stats & Effects

  • Weapon Name: Shadoweave
  • Type Effect: Altered Damage
  • Shatter: 11.50
  • Charge: 11.50
  • Attack: 18
  • Crit: 14
  • HP: 1165

Altered Damage Type: When the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will mark the target, causing an explosion after 5 seconds. Additionally, inflict 25% of all damage received by the target while the mark exits up to a total of 560% of your ATK. Only 1 mark can be added on a target at a time.

Elemental Resonance: When pairing Shadoweave with other weapons, the Weapons Master effect can be created. Epiphyllum will appear around the target randomly and explode within 1-3 seconds, dealing 25% area damage.

Weapon Advancements

  • 1★: Normal attacks now deal area damage upon hit. When there is a another epiphyllum explosion area, increase the damage of each of the subsequent epiphyllum explosions by 10%, up to a maximum of 50% The epiphyllum generation interval from Moonlight Realm is now reduced to 0.5 seconds.
  • 2★: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 16%.
  • 3★: The epiphyllum generation interval from Moonlight Realm is now reduced to 0.3 seconds. Epiphyllum will attach to the enemy. The duration of Moonlight Realm is now increased to 20 seconds.
  • 4★: Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.
  • 5★: When under the effect of Moonlight Realm, gain 30 weapon charge every second and increase the damage of discharge skill by 15%.
  • 6★: Switch modes on Moonlight Realm up to 2 times. Gain 1 attempt after skill cooldown and another 1 attempt by charging discharge. Use any weapon discharge 3 times to gain + 1 on the Moonlight Realm count. Effective even when Shadoweave is in the off-hand slot. When under the effect of Moonlight Realm, increase attack to 23%.

Best Matrices for Lin

Discover the best Matrices for Lin in Tower of Fantasy from R to SSR grade.

Tower of Fantasy Lin Matrices Build - zilliongamer

  • R Matrix: 3 Pieces of Provocateurs will increase damage dealt by physical weapons by 6%
  • SR Matrix: 3 Pieces of Robarg When a target is shattered, poison the target and deal damage equal to 45/56/67.5% of ATK every second for 10s.
  • SSR Matrix: You can use all 4 Lin Pieces if you are lucky enough to get all 4 together.
    • OR Use 2 pieces of Shiro: Increase both damage and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15/19/22.5/26%.
    • 2 Pieces of Crow: Increase critical damage to targets with less than 60% HP by 24/30/36/42%.

Best Lin Team Build

Tower of Fantasy Lin Matrices Team - zilliongamer

Earn Fortitude Resonance: Equip at least 2 defense-type weapons to activate. Increase damage reduction by 25% shatter by 60% and aggro by 800% in team play, further boost reduction by 20%.

Mery + Huma are the best duels they can play as a Tanky and deal damage plus shield break to the enemies. 

Weapon Skill

Normal Attack

  • While the ground, use Shadoweave to launch 5 consecutive attacks. 
  • First Attack: Deal damage equal to 59.9% of ATK + 3.
  • Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 57.1% of ATK + 3.
  • Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 49.5% of ATK + 3.
  • Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 114.2% of ATK + 6.
  • Fifth Attack: Deal damage equal to 152.2% of ATK + 8.

Aerial Discharge

  • While airborne, use normal attack to attack 5 times in a row.
  • First Attack: Deal damage to equal to 30.6% of ATK + 2.
  • Second Attack: Deal damage to equal to 55.6% of ATK + 3.
  • Third Attack: Deal damage to equal to 48.2% of ATK + 3.
  • Fourth Attack: Deal damage to equal to 111.2% of ATK + 6.
  • Fifth Attack: Deal damage to equal to 148.3% of ATK + 8.

Scattered Soil

After the second normal attack on the ground or in mid-air, hold normal attack to trigger Scattered Soil. Attack the target position, dealing damage equal to 83.2% of ATK + 4 and knocking the target down. 

Passive: After unleashing Scattered Soil on the ground, rapidly tapping normal attack will immediately unleash Brief Bloom (the 3rd stack).

Brief Bloom

Hold normal attack to unleash Brief Bloom. Can be charged for up to 3 stacks, with hyperbody and control immunity during charging.

  • First stack: Deal damage equal to 73.9% of ATK + 4.
  • Second stack: Deal damage equal to 146.2% of ATK + 8.
  • Third stack: Deal damage equal to 246.4% of ATK + 13.

Falling Shadow

Hold normal attack in mid-air to trigger Falling Shadow. Plummet from the skies, dealing damage equal to 160% of ATK + 8 and knocking the target down.


Dodge right before being hit to trigger Phantasia, reducing the speed of enemies within the area. Become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.

Leafy Green

Unleash Leafy Green at the target while performing a backflip, dealing damage equal to 70% of ATK + 4, generating 1-3 epiphyllums upon hit, and forming a Green Field that lasts for 5 seconds. When enemies in the green field lock onto the Wanderer, their movement speed is reduced by 50%.

Passive: Immediately break the control if under control effect and automatically release Leafy Green without any cost of dodge. Skill cooldown lasts for 20 seconds.


Moonlight Realm

Create a Moonlight Realm round yourself for 15 seconds. Your attack in the realm is increased by 15%, jumping ability increased by 20%, and endurance consumption reduced by 50%. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Enter the special state airbloom when using Shadoweave in the realm. Your fall speed is greatly reduced and you can perform multiple double-jumps. In this state, using the directional controls or jumping button while mid-air will perform a Roam and launch an attack on the target. Upon hit, deal damage equal to 66% of ATK + 3 and randomly generate 1 -3 epiphyllums.


Gravity Weave

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder and unleashes Gravity Weave with a stronger absorption force, dealing damage 368.5% of ATK + 19. Then explode and create a ranged diffusion wave after 5 seconds, dealing damage equal to 184.3% + 10 damage. Immunity lasts 1.5 seconds while the skill is active (unavailable in Apex League).

Weapon Upgrade Materials

To upgrade Lin Shadoweave level you need Nano CoatingAcidproof Glaze,Booster Frame, NanoFiber Fame. You'll need a higher rarity of these materials when you upgrade your weapons to a higher level.

Character Awakening Traits

Discover Lin awakening in Tower of Fantasy points required and trait effects:

  • 1200 Points: Increase epiphyllum explosion damage by 15%.
  • 4000 Points: Increase epiphyllum explosion damage by 20%. Reduce all resistance by 7% upon hit by epiphyllums for 7 seconds. This effect does not stack.

To gain Awakening points you must send gift to other character.

Lin Gifts

Discover Tower of Fantasy Lin gifts and it's awakening points.

  • Gift that awaken +80 Point:
    • Ultimate Warrior Otter
    • School Idol Albis
  • Gift that awaken +60 Points: None!
  • Gift that awaken +30 points: 
    • Mirroria Toy Bricks
    • Rabbit Throw Pillow
  • Gift that awaken +20 points:
    • Moonflower Ornament

Gifts one of this to other character to gain awakening points for Lin.

Hope this guide can help you guys to understand more about Lin and have a better build to make her become more stronger in the game. 

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