Tower of Fantasy King build and Matrices

Check out the best build and guide for King in Tower of Fantasy featuring their matrices, weapon, favorite gift, voice actor and more.

Character & Weapon Banner Information
Tower of Fantasy KingKing

Debut: August 11th 2022

EN Voice actor: Johnny Young

JP Voice actor: Yoshitusugu Matsuoka

Tower of Fantasy Scythe of the CrowScythe of the Crow

Resonance: DPS Tower of Fantasy DPS

Element: Flame Tower of Fantasy Flame

Shatter: 12.50

Charge: 8.00

Skill: Mortal Coil

How to Get King Simulacra

To get King in Tower of Fantasy, you must spend Gold nucleus in Choice Weapons gacha. 

How to Get King Matrices

To get King matrices in Tower of Fantasy, you must spend Proof of purchase in Choice Matrices gacha.

Build Guide - The Best Team for King

Discover Tower of Fantasy King build for PVE and PVP with in-depth explanation.

PVE Build & Explanation

Main DPSShield BreakSupport
Tower of Fantasy ShiroShiro
Tower of Fantasy KingKing
Tower of Fantasy NemesisNemesis

Have Shiro as your damage dealer to quickly charge other weapons then switch to King when you need to break enemies shield with his discharge or switch to Nemesis when you need heal and extra damage burst.

This build activate Weapon resonance:

Weapon resonance: With Shiro and King you will increase final damage by 10%, which in team play is further increased to 40% by using the same DPS resonance.

Alternate Main DPS if you don't have Shiro:

Tower of Fantasy SamirSamir

Great AOE damage dealer.

Fast charge for other weapon.

Volt resonance with Nemesis.

Tower of Fantasy CrowCrow

Great damage and crit.

Volt resonance with Nemesis.

Fast charge for King discharge.

Tower of Fantasy TsubasaTsubasa

Very fast charge for other weapon.

Good single and AOE target damage.

Disabled enemies with her ability.

These are great characters to build with King if you don't want to use Samir or didn't have the character.

PVP Build & Explanation

Main DPSShield BreakSupport
Tower of Fantasy SamirSamir
Tower of Fantasy KingKing
Tower of Fantasy NemesisNemesis

Samir and King is a good combo build for PVP with Samir as main damage dealer and Shield break with King, both of these character are great at single target DPS with Nemesis heal and damage burst as cherry on top.

This build activate 2 resonances:

Weapon resonance: Pair Samir and King activate Attack resonance which increase final damage by 10%, which in team play is further increased to 40%.

Elemental resonance: Samir and Nemesis use the same Volt element which increase volt ATK by 15% and volt resistance by 25%.

Alternate Support If you don't have Nemesis:

Tower of Fantasy HumaHuma

Great Tank for your PVP.

Highest Shield %.

Good damage when switch.

Tower of Fantasy ZeroZero

Very fast charge for other weapon.

Great heal in team fight.

Good AoE & Disabled enemy.

Tower of Fantasy MerylMeryl

High Shield break.

Great Tank for team.

Combo with King to break shield even faster.

Tower of Fantasy Coco RitterCoco Ritter

Very fast charge for other weapon.

Great Heal addition for the team.

Can disabled enemies.

These are the characters that you can try if you don't have Nemesis or you don't want to use Nemesis.

Matrix Guide - The Best Matrices for King

Discover the best Matrices for King in Tower of Fantasy from R to SSR grade matrix.

Best R Matrix for King

Tower of Fantasy Self-Explosive matrixSelf-Explosive

Increase damage dealt by Flame weapons by 6%.

Recommend piece: 3

King's Scythe of the Crow element is Flame Tower of Fantasy Flame so this matrix make the most sense for his weapon.

Best SR Matrix for King

Tower of Fantasy Robarg matrixRobarg

When a target is shattered, poison the target and deal damage equal to 45%/56%/67.5% of ATK every second for 10 seconds.

Recommend piece: 3

This matrix is very powerful after King broke enemy shield, it help him take down Bosses or shielded enemy even quicker.

Best SSR Matrices for King

Tower of Fantasy King matrixKing

For every 10% shatter applied to a target, increase damage dealt by 4%/5%/6%/7% for 25 seconds, up to 3 stacks.

Recommend piece: 2

Tower of Fantasy Shiro matrixShiro

Increase both damage and shatter to targets with more than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.

Recommend piece: 2

King 2x piece with Shiro 2x piece are the best SSR matrices for King, this matrix build to break High shield enemy faster and increase his damage during combat.

Weapon - Scythe of the Crow Info

Weapon Stats

Scythe of the Crow

Based weapon stats, no upgrade or advancement.

Weapon Effects

Flame Tower of Fantasy Flame
Fully charged weapons will set the target on fire for 8 seconds with the next attack, causing ongoing damage of 58.00% of ATK every second. Ignited targets receive 50% efficacy from healing.

Weapon Skills

Discover King's weapon Scythe of the Crow mechanic such as Normal attack, Dodge, Skill, and Discharge detail.


Normal Attack

While on the ground, swing the scythe to launch 5 consecutive attacks.

1. Deal damage equal to 57.1% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.

2. Deal damage equal to 49.1% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.

3. Deal damage equal to 106.8% of ATK + 6 and knock the target back a short distance.

4. Deal damage equal to 109.5% of ATK + 6 and knock the target back a short distance.

5. Deal damage equal to 104.2% of ATK + 5 and strongly suspend the target, and cause the Wanderer to go airborne.

Rising Scythe

While airborne or after jumping once, attack 5 times in a row.

1. Deal damage equal to 57.6% of ATK + 3.

2. Deal damage equal to 62.6% of ATK + 3.

3. Deal damage equal to 173% of ATK + 9.

4. Deal damage equal to 194.4% of ATK + 10.

5. Deal damage equal to 158.1% of ATK + 8 and knock the target down. The higher is from the ground, the more damage is dealt, up to 600% of ATK.


Tap and hold normal attack while airborne (or tap when a target is selected), or tap normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger trigger Asunder.

While falling, deal damage equal to 12.5% + 1 each hit.

Upon landing, deal damage equal to 65.4% of ATK + 3 and deliver a knockdown.

The higher the location is when triggered, the higher the damage dealt, up to 600% of ATK.

Returning Chainblade
After the fourth normal attack, hold the normal attack button to trigger Returning Chainblade. Transform into a chainblade, dealing damage equal to 124.9% of ATK + 7 to nearby targets and pulling them in.
Sneak Attack
Approach the enemy from behind while crouching, then tap normal attack to use Sneak Attack, dealing damage equal to 570% of ATK + 30.


Returning Chainblade

Tap normal attack during the short perfect dodge window to trigger (tap an arrow button before dodging) Rapid Lunge.

Deal up to 126.9% of ATK + 7 damage and pull in nearby enemies.

Domain of the Bat
When dodging summon a domain of the bat that pulls the target into the center. Tap normal attack the short period after dodging after dodging to swing the scythe, dealing up to 114.3% of ATK + 6 damage to the target.
Dodge right before getting hit to trigger a Phantasia, reducing the speed of enemies within an area. Become immune to hitstun for 0.5 seconds while dodging.


Mortal Coil

Swing the scythe dealing damage to equal to 499.9% of ATK + 26.

Cooldown: 45 seconds.


Flaming Scythe

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, remove all debuffs from the wielder and create a Flame Scythe upon switching to this weapon, dealing damage equal to 398.3% of ATK + 21 and lasts for 10 seconds.

Additionally, spawning Flaming Scythes Domain every 2 seconds. The scythes summon volcanic eruptions from the ground, which deal damage equal to 66% of ATK + 3 to targets and suspend them.

Base weapon skill stats (level 0) no upgrade.

Weapon Advancements

1★Increase shatter by 15%. After shattering the target's shield, deal burning damage equal to 120% of ATK to the target every second for 15 seconds.
2★Increase the current weapon's base HP growth by 16.
3★Increase damage dealt by 10% for each enemy within 6 meters, up to a maximum of 30%.
4★Increase the current weapon's base ATK growth by 32%.
5★Increase damage dealt against HP shields or shielded enemies by 100%.
6★Increase damage dealt by 10% for each enemy slain for 30 seconds (stack up to 3 times).

Weapon Upgrade Materials

Tower of Fantasy FirecoreTower of Fantasy Acidproof Glaze 1Tower of Fantasy Booster Frame 1
Tower of Fantasy Heart of LavaTower of Fantasy Acidproof Glaze 2Tower of Fantasy Booster Frame 2
Tower of Fantasy SunsourceTower of Fantasy Acidproof Glaze 3Tower of Fantasy Booster Frame 3

To upgrade King's Scythe of the Crow level you need Firecore, Acidproof Glaze, and Booster Frame.

Character Awakening Traits

Discover King awakening in Tower of Fantasy points required and trait effects:

A. PointsAwaken Trait Effects
1200 pointsEvery 7 enemies defeated by King restores HP equal to 8% of Max HP.
4000 pointsEvery 5 enemies defeated by King restore HP equal to 10% of Max HP.

To gain Awakening points you must send gift to other character.

Character Gifts List

Discover Tower of Fantasy King gifts and it's awakening points.

Tower of Fantasy Gift: Crown Token - zilliongamer+80Tower of Fantasy Gift: Warren Fossil - zilliongamer+80Tower of Fantasy Gift: 3D Hykros Puzzle - zilliongamer+60
Tower of Fantasy Gift: Aida Comic - zilliongamer+60Tower of Fantasy Gift: Limited Peanut Figurine - zilliongamer+60Tower of Fantasy Gift: Limited Tata Figurine - zilliongamer+60
Tower of Fantasy Gift: New Game Console - zilliongamer+60Tower of Fantasy Gift: Silver Cookware - zilliongamer+60Tower of Fantasy Gift: Smarty Doll - zilliongamer+60
Tower of Fantasy Gift: Snow Globe - zilliongamer+60Tower of Fantasy Gift: Void Angel Figurine - zilliongamer+60Tower of Fantasy Gift: Gem Necklace - zilliongamer+30
Tower of Fantasy Gift: Meteorite in a Bottle - zilliongamer+30Tower of Fantasy Gift: Postcard of Aida - zilliongamer+15Tower of Fantasy Gift: Retro Harmonica - zilliongamer+15
Tower of Fantasy Gift: Snack Box - zilliongamer+15--

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