Ruby Build, Team, Matrices, & Gifts

An exclusive character in China version of Tower of Fantasy Ruby is playable from October 20th for Global version. Should you pull Ruby?

This article will guide you through how to get Ruby in Tower of Fantasy, is it make sense to add Ruby into your team?, best matrices for her weapon, and more!

How To Get Ruby in Tower of Fantasy

It's a traditional inside Tower of Fantasy that whenever new character come out, you will have to get that character in their Exclusive Gacha (Special Order).

So in order to get Ruby character in Tower of Fantasy you have to spend Red nucleus in Ruby special orders which will release in October 20th 2022.

How To Get Ruby - Tower of Fantasy

Around this pre release time is when you should start saving your Red nucleus and completing tasks or quests to get more of the nucleus so you have a high chance of getting Ruby when her banner drop.

Should you pull Ruby?

There are always debate on whether or not you should pull the new release character in Tower of Fantasy. If you are a considerate spender who like to only get the character you want to play, In this case should you pull or skip Ruby?

Pull or Skip Ruby? Tower of Fantasy

First thing to look at is your team comps, Do you run a Flame team? because Ruby is heavily designate to play with other flame characters.

Is Ruby 0 star any good? 0 star Ruby already deal high damage with decent shield break rate and also her powerful flame resonance. Although the higher star you can get her the better she will perform.

Overall, Ruby seems like a great character that you should pull if you run a Flame team because she can provide  great buffs to the team and she's adorable as well.

Let's talk Ruby's Team

We know that playing Ruby with flame team is the way, but choosing which flame character to build with Ruby make her perform even better.

Tower of Fantasy Ruby Team

The common build for Ruby in Tower of Fantasy should be Cobalt-B, Ruby, and King Cobalt-B, Ruby, Huma / Cobalt-B, Ruby, Meryl. This is a very balance team to use for PVE and PVP with powerful DPS buffs, great shield break, and tank capability.

If your team doesn't involve at least 1 flame character, you don't need Ruby at all because she will be useless without her flame element peers.

Should You Advance Ruby to Max 6 Stars?

We've already touched a little on this topic when we mentioned how powerful Ruby is at 0 star, however should you get her up to 6 stars? Is it worth it?

Each advancement of Ruby reduced her skills cooldown and increased even higher flame damage, so if you like to spam her abilities with maximum damage we suggest you should max her up to 6 stars.

However, If you only want to Increased her fire damage and burn detonation scale we recommend you advancement her to at least 3 stars.

Sparky Matrices - The Best Matrix for Ruby

Sparky is Ruby's weapon in Tower of Fantasy and you can increase it flame damage even higher if you equipped the best matrices.

Tower of Fantasy Ruby Matrices

The best matrices for Sparky is the owner Ruby 4-piece set to achieve even more flame damage and extra utility shield for defending purpose. 2 piece-set is also an ideally matrix for Ruby.

If you build Crit Sparky we recommend to equip Crow 2-piece set and Shiro 2-pieceset for that crit and shatter damage increased.

In case you don't have any SSR matrix in your inventory you can equipped Sobek 3-piece set for Ruby to perform better against monsters mobs.

Ruby Gifts - Awakening Points

Unlock Ruby second traits (passive) when you gift her favorite gifts to other characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Each traits required a certain amount of awakening points such as:

1200 points: Enemies within 5 meters of Dolly receive 8% more Flame damage, does not stack.

4000 points: Enemies within 5 meters of Dolly receive 8% more Flame damage, does not stack. After throwing Dolly, increase Flame ATK by 12% for 10 seconds, does not stack.

Here are Ruby Favorite Gifts and awakening points you can get:

  • Limited Tata Figurine: 80 points.
  • Linye Figure: 60 points.
  • Buddy Doll: 40 points.
  • Strange Fragment: 30 points.
  • Strange Plant: 15 points.

These are all Ruby favorite gifts that you can send to other characters and save up those awakening points for extra passive which strengthen her even more.

Let's Wrap This Up

To end this guide on a good note, You should pull Ruby if you want to have her, however if you want to actually team up with her you should include her in a flame team and use her 4 piece matrix set to maximize her flame DPS.

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