Cobalt-B Build, Best Teams, & Gifts

Cobalt-B has one of the strongest elemental resonance in Tower of Fantasy, build Cobalt-B with the right team to maximize your output damage and defeat world bosses faster then you've never witness before.

This article will walk you through how to get Cobalt-B, find the best team for her, choose the right matrices for her weapon, and more!!!

How To Get Cobalt-B in Tower of Fantasy

Now you can see her info, basic stats, and her other useful stuffs inside the game, however in order to unlock Cobalt-B you have to spend red nucleus in Burning Reaction special orders.

How to get Cobalt-B

If you want to get Cobalt-B early we recommend you to start stacking up Red nucleus so that you will have enough of it to unlock Cobalt-B once she is launched.

Should you pull Cobalt-B?

Right now in Tower of Fantasy there are only 2 characters that has elemental resonance which are Nemesis (Volt) and Frigg (Ice).

Prior to Cobalt-B release she is confirmed to come with a Flame resonance which increase flame attack by 15% and flame resistance by 25% and to activate this comps you have to build her with other flame characters.

Should I pull Cobalt-B?

So if you are a flame main that currently using King or Huma, having Cobalt-B can be a great addition to your team to help increase overall damage and strength.

Cobalt-B Build Guide

Cobalt-B is a good damage dealer character and you can also use her as a shield breaker thanks to her weapon high shatter points.

Best Cobalt-B Advancement

Cobalt-B damage output is heavily center around her skill,  dash attack, and burn damage but her skills cooldown is a little bit longer in her base constellation.

If you want to main Cobalt-B we recommend you to advance her at least up to 3 stars to get that additional burn on dash attack damage which is very good for AOE targets.

However, where she really shine is all the way up at 6 stars because she get a very high skill cooldown reduction every time she dash attack essentially you'll spam barrage and dash attack to eliminate an enemy if you get Cobalt-B 6 stars.

Best Cobalt-B Teams

As we've mentioned above, Cobalt-B is a good damage dealer at 0 star but a very powerful one at 6 stars so it really depend on you to build her as either main damage dealer or shield breaker.

Cobalt-B Team build

If you decided to build Cobalt-B to build as a main damage dealer we recommend to team up with a Shield breaker like King or Healer Zero to increase your team strength during combat.

However, if you decide that you only want Cobalt-B as your shield breaker or sub DPS we recommend you to build with Huma or other fire element character so you can use that elemental resonance buffs with your team.

Best Matrices for Cobalt-B

Make Cobalt-B 1 step stronger by adding matrix into her weapons to increase overall CS, damage, and extra passive during combat.

For R rarity we recommend to affix 3 piece Self-Explosive matrices to increase her weapon flame damage.

If you want to use SR matrices on Cobalt-B we recommend to try out 3-piece Ene since her matrix is heavily focus on increasing additional damage.

Since Cobalt-B playstyle center around how well she can output damage we decide to go with her own 4-piece set as her best matrices because it increase damage by up to 25% to targets with abnormal statuses. This make world bosses an easy target for Cobalt-B.

Best Cobalt-B Gifts

Gifts Cobalt-B favorite gifts to get awakening points and unlock second traits when she reach required Awakening points.

  • 1200 points: When Cobalt-B releases a discharge skill, restore 50 - 120 points of energy charge at random.
  • 4000 points: When Cobalt-B releases a discharge skill, restore 90 - 180 points of energy charge at random.

Here are all Cobalt-B favorite gifts:

  • Gift that awaken 80 points:
    • Silver Cookware
    • Crown Token
  • Gift that awaken 60 points:
    • Warren Fossil
    • Aida Comic
    • Smarty Doll
    • Limited Peanut Figurine
    • Metal Alf Figurine
    • Limited Tata Figurine
    • Banges Speciality
    • New Game Console
    • Music Box
  • Gift that awaken 30 points:
    • Gem Necklace
    • Tool Set
  • Gift that awaken 15 points:
    • Snack Box

At the end of the day Cobalt-B is a good character regarded as what position you play her as, because she has that flame elemental resonance that a lot of other flame characters can benefit from.

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