How to get Acidproof Glaze in Tower of Fantasy

Acidproof Glaze is a weapon upgrade material in Tower of Fantasy. Find out how to get Acidproof Glaze and fuse guide here.

Here are different Acidproof Glaze Grade in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Acidproof Glaze I: For augmenting weapons. acidproof glaze material developed from new technology to slightly improve weapon performance.
  • Acidproof Glaze II: For augmenting weapons. Redeveloped glaze after more research to improve weapon performance.
  • Acidproof Glaze III: For augmenting weapons. Glaze developed from exclusive Hykros Technology to greatly improve weapon performance.

You can Fuse Acidproof Glaze I into II and III.

You can find Password Chest II by exploring the world when cracking password chest II will get random loot it's not that you will always gonna get Acidproof Glaze when cracking this chest it depends on the RNG.

Also you can get Acidproof Glaze from Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, and Omnium Beacon.

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Dimensional Trials

You can invite up to 3 people to join Dimensional Trials or you can Match with other Wanderers. It has difficulty from 1 to 5 to unlock higher difficulty Wanderers need to reach the required level.

After you and your team finish Dimensional Trials you will get Random Weapon Augment Kit the reward that you get depend on difficulty level.

Note: You need 30 Vitality to be able to enter Dimensional. You allow to have only 180 Vitality per day if you use all of Vitality you can purchase Vitality Solution in Store (HOT) for 50 Dark Crystal.

Interstellar Exploration

Enter Interstellar Exploration cost 30 Vitality to enter you need to find purple rectangle call Star Gate on the map you can recruit up to 3 Wanderers or you can enter solo. Defeat certain waves of enemies then you'll be rewarded.

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Each Star Gate has different rewards some Star Gate will give you Nano Coating I if you enter the right Star Gate you will guarantee to get Acidproof Glaze when finishing all the waves.

Omnium Beacon

Omnium Beacon is different from Dimensional Trials and Interstellar Exploration when you need to claim Omnium collector (it cost 30 Vitality) then you can deploy it to get Collector signal Omnium Collector needs 24 hours to finish collecting after it finishes collecting you will be rewarded.

Note: if your Omnium Collector was found by other Wanderers it will fail and you can not get full reward you get some of the rewards only make sure to hide it well.

You can also purchase Acidproof Glaze I from Weapon Store it cost 1 Black Gold and Acidproof Glaze II cost 2 Black Gold but to buy Acidproof Glaze II you need to reach level 40.

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Higher grade like Acidproof Glaze II and Acidproof Glaze III  use to upgrade higher level weapons.

Acidproof Glaze Fuse Guide

Acidproof Glaze Fuse Guide - zilliongamer

You need to farm a lot of Acidproof Glaze I in order to Fuse it to higher level.