Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List 2023

Tower of Fantasy Character Tier List 2023 - All 24 characters will be guided and choose the best tier for each character with a detailed explanation. Check this out.

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Tier S

This tier S character is so strong in the current meta for both PVP & PVE mode that they can give a lot of damage with their elemental resonance that so useful in the team fight.

Tower of Fantasy Character Tier S - zilliongamer

  • Lin is a special character. She can play so many roles in your team Main & SUP DPS, Buffer, Charger, Sheild Breaker. So Lin is unique and suitable in every team chomp that you want to play.  
  • Saki-Fuwa is a really great SUP DPS she can easily dash toward enemy quickly immobilize the target and destroy their shield. Moreover, you can use her Discharge to dodge enemy CC skill you will be invincible when you use her discharge.  
  • Frigg is really great to use as a Main DPS the best part of Frigg is her weapon skill that deal very high attack damage and when you are inside the area you will have an unlimited sprint with no energy reduced and also grant fast charge for other weapons when she hit the enemy.
  • Ruby is a strong DPS character with a lot of utility CC, lockdown the enemy with her basic attack, dodge the enemy with her dodge that make the enemy hit the dolly for 10seconds and you can reset your skill and use it again.
  • Tian Lang is one of the best Shield breakers in the volt type and also he has higher damage of weapon skill & discharge in the game. Tian Lang 1 star basic attack overload stack is really powerful you will increase more damage and also heal by 20% of your max hp.  
  • Crow is insane that can deal a lot damage with his classic combo double jump + jet pack + dive bomb you can destroy the enemies and boss faster. Also his weapon charge deal a lot of damage with a single target. 
  • Nemesis is one of a good support character that deal damage and also healing while attack the enemy and give a huge healing when using her discharge.

Tier A

Tower of Fantasy Character Tier A - zilliongamer

  • Annabella is a good main DPS if you are the Flame player. She has a high point of shield break with a really high damage deal Critical + Ignite debuff to the target with her Spamming Dodging attack in the red magazine. 
  • Cocoritter is a good healer character that give you a lot of healing when using her weapon skill plus her discharge. Moreover, she also good giving other weapon a fast charge with her attack.
  • Lyra is one of the Physical support that can deal with both physical and healing while the attack. Lyra is good in all resonances she can deal AOE damage but not much, healing + gaining a shield with her normal attack when she has full HP. 
  • Huma & Shiro & Meryl these 3 champion is really good they can deal damage and also can break the enemy shield in Quick seconds with their basic attack.
    • Shiro skill & discharge is really useful in the fight her Skill will create an AOE reflection attack that can destroy the enemy shield in just one click and also give a fast discharge to other weapons.
    • Meryl's discharge gives a lot of AOE damage and locks down the enemy inside her skill slow them down, can't dodge & jumping inside her skill.

Tier B

This tier B character does not mean they are useless in the fight but for the current meta they are not strong enough to deal a lot of damage to the enemy. But they also have their own value if you know how to use it when you needed.

Tower of Fantasy Character Tier B - zilliongamer

  • King doesn't deal a lot of damage in the fight, but he is best for breaking the shield and can give AOE damage with his discharge.
  • Zero is not a pretty good healing support, but this guy can create a shield for himself and nearby allies for 10s that absorb 800% of ATK damage.
  • Claudia is good only with single targets she can deal more physical attack when she is in full stack and also reduce all damage taken by 50% if she hit the same target. Not so good in a group of team fight
  • Tsubasa is a ranged character that is not good to be a main dps in the team. But you can use her to give your team to gain fast discharge skill 
  • Cobalt-B is not strong when you have 0 stars you need to spend more money to get about 3 stars to make her stronger in the team.
  • Samir using her as the main or sub dps might not be good. You can use her to give you fast discharge for other weapons in your lineup. Moreover, her discharge give AOE circle and stun the enemy inside the area. 

SR Tier C

We give This SR character a tier D because of most of the player in the game does not use usually use SR characters in their lineup. Moreover, it is also good for F2P (Free to play) players that have less SSR characters 

 Tower of Fantasy Character Tier C - zilliongamer

  • Ene
  • Echo
  • Pepper
  • Hilda
  • Bai Ling

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