How to get Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

Icecore is a weapon upgrade material for Ice Shell element weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Find all information on how to get Icecore, fuse guide, and where to find this material on the map.

You can find Icecore by exploring the world its a white stone (elemental ores) that attached to a black rock that looks like this picture down below:

Icecore Stone in Tower of fantasy - zilliongamer

Important: You need to use any Weapon that has element to be able to break this Icecore Stone.

If you use other weapon that has element different from ice it won't break.

Frost Core in Tower of fantasy - zilliongamer

Note: One more thing you can break the Icecore without Weapon if Frost Core happens to be near the stone you can lift it up and throw it to the Icecore stone it will break.

Make sure that Frost Core hit the Icecore that is the best way to get Icecore when you don't have Ice Shell Weapon.

You can also get Magcore by breaking these ores down below:

ores in Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

When breaking these ores you will randomly (RNG) get Magcore, Firecore, Icecore, and Rockcore but sometimes you get nothing.

And also you can buy it in Weapon Store (Special Order) you can buy 10 cores a day it cost 1 Black Gold you get Black Gold by Order Weapon Galore in Special Order for 1 order you will get one Black Gold. 

Weapon Store in Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

Here are different Icecore grade in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Icecore: For augmenting weapons. Shards with ice elemental power, clear as a crystal.
  • Heart of Winter: For augmenting weapons. Rare ore with ice elemental power. The high purity ice element within gives it a rich blue appearance.
  • Snowsource: For augmenting weapon. Rare ore containing great ice elemental power. A thin cold vapor always shrouds it, like an eternal layer of frost.

Higher grade like Heart of Winter and Snowsource use for upgrade higher level Ice Shell weapon.

To get a higher grade of Icecore you need to farm a lot of Icecore and fuse.

Icecore Fuse Guide

Icecore Fuse Guide Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

Where to get Icecore in Tower of Fantasy

You can generally find Icecore in multiple regions on top of the mountain, near the sea, and close to teleport portal (Spacerift or Omnium Tower).

Icecore Location in Tower of Fantasy - zilliongamer

To get even more detail on where to find you can check out this Interactive map.

Interactive map