Tower of Fantasy Simulacras List

Find all Tower of Fantasy Simulacra here including Resonance, Element, and how to get it.

Simulacra as known as Mimic is a representation of your main character in TOF. Each Mimic has its own signature weapon and some additional passive effect. Mimic also have its own Matrice that can obtain separately.

List of Simulacras in Tower of Fantasy

Currently, there are 15 playable characters which are divided into 4 Elements and 3 Resonances.

All Simulacras

Tower of Fantasy FriggFriggSoon!
Tower of Fantasy Character: Nemesis - zilliongamerNemesisTower of Fantasy Character: King - zilliongamerKing
Tower of Fantasy Character: Crow - zilliongamerCrowTower of Fantasy Character: Samir - zilliongamerSamir
Tower of Fantasy Character: Tsubasa - zilliongamerTsubasaTower of Fantasy Character: Shiro - zilliongamerShiro
Tower of Fantasy Character: Zero - zilliongamerZeroTower of Fantasy Character: Meryl - zilliongamerMeryl
Tower of Fantasy Character: Huma - zilliongamerHumaTower of Fantasy Character: Coco Ritter - zilliongamerCoco Ritter
Tower of Fantasy Character: Claudia - zilliongamerClaudiaTower of Fantasy Character: Cobalt-B - zilliongamerCobalt-B
Tower of Fantasy Character: Bai Ling - zilliongamerBai LingTower of Fantasy Character: Echo - zilliongamerEcho
Tower of Fantasy Character: Ene - zilliongamerEneTower of Fantasy Character: Hilda - zilliongamerHilda
Tower of Fantasy Character: Pepper - zilliongamerPepper-

How to get Simulacras

Similar to other Gacha games, Tower of Fantasy simulacra can be obtained by doing Caches using Gold Nuclei, Black Nuclei, and Red Nuclei (earn from the event or paid). Some simulacra are also obtainable when completing their storyline quest.

Simulacras Awaken Point

Simulacras Awaken point is a point that you can get recollection rewards when your simulacras awaken point reach a certain point. You can gain these Simulacras Awaken Point by give them their favorite gift.

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