V3.2 Best 5 Team Comp (2023) | Tower of Fantasy

This article will show Best 5 Team Comp (2023) V3.2 Tower of Fantasy that can be useful to build a strong team inside the game. Check out down below:

Huang + Fenrir + Lan

V3.2 Best 5 Team Comp - Team 1 | Tower of Fantasy

This is a Huang Team Comp. By teaming up with Huang (A1) + Fenrir (A3) + Lan (A1) that can provide you enough tanky, healing, and AOE damage. 

  • Startup with Lan (Devastating) Skill followed up by Fenrir Su-Paw Star + Dodge and use Aural Fever to gain HP & Discharge then use Huang (Mimi) Skill & hold ATK for 16s after that back to Fenrir Su-Paw Star + Aural Fever.

Yu Lan + Icarus + Fiona

V3.2 Best 5 Team Comp - Team 2 | Tower of Fantasy

If you love to play Frost Team this team comp can be the best choice in V3.2. Yu Lan(A5) can play either DPS & Support in Frost Team with Icarus (A1) following up with the support from Fiona(A1).

  •  Use Icarus to build up a discharge first then Switch to Yu Lan Discharge & Skill and followed up by Fiona's attack & skill then switch to Icarus discharge & skill.
  • You also can gain a lot of healing & prevent lethal damage 1 time by using Fiona Discharge & Yu Lan Unity consuming Internal Strength or Fighting Spirit.

Ming Jing + Gnonno + Lan

V3.2 Best 5 Team Comp - Team 3 | Tower of Fantasy

  • First, use Ming Jing to Attack x5 to build up a Discharge then Switch to Gnonno Discharge & Skill followed up by Lan Skill. After that, you need to switch back to Ming Jing Use his Skill + x5 Attack.   

Liu Huo + Lan + Fiona

V3.2 Best 5 Team Comp - Team 4 | Tower of Fantasy

This is a Flame Tank Team Comp for Flame players that gives you enough AOE Damage & Tank and heal by combining Liu Hua (A3) + Lan (A1) + Fiona (A1).

  • Startup with Fiona Skill and then switch to Liu Huo Skill and continue his Attack x3 times to build up discharge. Then use Lan Discharge & Skill and switch back to Liu Huo Discharge & Skill and repeat the cycle.

Lin + Fiona + Huang

V3.2 Best 5 Team Comp - Team 5 | Tower of Fantasy

This is the best balanced-altered team comp that you can build in V3.2 by using Lin (A6) + Fiona (A1) + Huang (A1).

  • Start up by using Huang Skill & Hold her attack then use Fiona Discharge + Torrential Force Skill. After that Switch to Lin Skill and repeat the cycle.

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