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All Characters Build Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Characters - zilliongamer

Browse through all playable character in Honkai: Star Rail and find out their build including best light cone, relic set, and team here.

All Character Build

QingqueDan HengBronya
SampoMarch 7thServal
HimekoJing YuanSilverwolf
Fu XuanLynxLunae
Ruan Mei  

All Light Cones Information

Honkai: Star Rail Light Cone - zilliongamer

Browse through all playable light cone with their stats, effect, upgrade material, and more here.

All 5 Star Light Cones

All 4 Star Light Cones

All 3 Star Light Cones

Essential In-game Information

Honkai: Star Rail Essential - zilliongamer

All Relic Set Information

Get to know all relic details made easy to fill in your character:

All Ascension Material Information

Struggling to find ascension material? Here's a complete guides to get all material inside Honkai: Star Rail.

Path & Elements

Here's a complete pack gathering all characters and light cone group them by path and element. 

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