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All Characters Build Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Characters - zilliongamer

Browse through all playable character in Honkai: Star Rail and find out their build including best light cone, relic set, and team here.

All 5 Star Characters

All 4 Star Characters

All Light Cones Information

Honkai: Star Rail Light Cone - zilliongamer

Browse through all playable light cone with their stats, effect, upgrade material, and more here.

All 5 Star Light Cones

All 4 Star Light Cones

All 3 Star Light Cones

Essential In-game Information

Honkai: Star Rail Essential - zilliongamer

All Relic Set Information

Get to know all relic details made easy to fill in your character:

All Ascension Material Information

Struggling to find ascension material? Here's a complete guides to get all material inside Honkai: Star Rail.

Path & Elements

Here's a complete pack gathering all characters and light cone group them by path and element. 

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