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Pela is a 4-stars character in Honkai: Star Rail. Find Pela skills and build in this Article.

Character Overview: Pela

Pela is a female character of the Nihility path with Ice element. She focuses on debuffing enemies, and her debuff of choice is a universal defence shred, making her usable against damn near everything.

How to get Pela in Honkai: Star Rail

To get Pela you need to pull this character from any of these Warp banners (GACHA) using Star Rail pass or Special Pass:

  • Departure Warp
  • Butterfly on Swordtip
  • Brilliant Fixation
  • Stellar Warp

Pela Stats & Ascension Materials

  • Level 1 Stats
    • HP: 134
    • ATK: 74
    • DEF: 63
    • Speed: 105
  • Level 80 Stats
    • HP: 987
    • ATK: 546
    • DEF: 463
    • Speed: 105

Pela Ascension Materials

Honkai: Star Rail Pela Ascension Material - zilliongamer

Here are all ascension materials that you need for leveling up Pela to level 80:

Pela Skills & Abilities Priority

Honkai: Star Rail Pela Skills - zilliongamer

Frost Shot (Basic ATK) - Single Target

Deal Ice DMG equals to 50% of Pela's ATK to a single Enemy.

Frostbite (Skill) - Impair

Removes 1 buff(s) and deals Ice DMG equal to 120% of Pela's ATK to a single enemy.

Zone Suppresion (Ultimate) - Impair

Deal Ice DMG equal to 84% of Pela's ATK to all enemies, with a base chance of 100% to inflict the Exposed status. Exposed enemies have their DEF reduced by 33% for 2 turn(s).

Data Collecting (Talent) - Support

If Pela's attack inflicts a debuff on the enemy, she additionally gains 5 energy.

Preemptive Strike (Technique)

Immediately attacks the enemy. Upon entering battle, Pela deals Ice DMG equal to 80% of her ATK to a random enemy, with a 100% base chance of lowering the DEF of all enemies by 20% for 2 turn(s).

Pela Abilities Priority

This is the abilities priority order that you can use it as a strategy inside the combat.

Pela Abilities Priority | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

Pela Trace

Ascension 2: Bash

Pela deals 20% more DMG to debuffed enemies.

Ascension 4: The Secret Strategy

When Pela is on the battlefield, all allies Effect hit rate increases by 10%.

Ascension 6: Wipe Out

Using Skill to remove buff(s) increases the DMG of Pela's next attack by 20%.

Best Light Cones for Pela

We will recommend the 3 best lightcone that goes well and make Pela become stronger in the fight. 

Best Pela Lightcone | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

  • In The Name of The World5-Star Lightcone: Increases Pela's DMG to debuffed enemies by 24%. When the Pela uses her skill, the effect hit rate for this attack increases by 18%, and the ATK increase by 24%.
    • So the Total ATK DMG when she uses her skill goes up to 108%, and also 18% effect hit rate increases. 
  • We Will Meet Again4-Star Lightcone: After the wearer uses Basic ATK or Skill deals additional DMG equal to 48% of the Pela's ATK to a random enemy that has been attacked.  
    • So the total ATK DMG, when Pela uses her Basic ATK, will increase by 48% DMG more, And Total ATK DMG when she uses her skill will go up to 132%
  • Hidden Shadow 3-Star Lightcone: After using the skill, Pela's next basic ATK deals additional damage equal to 60% of ATK to the enemy.  

Best Relics for Pela

Best Pela Relic | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

  • Equip 2 Pieces of Hunter of Glacial Forest. This relic goes well with Pela when she uses her skill & ultimate it will increase 10% more Ice DMG to the enemy. 
  • Equip 2 Pieces of Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise. This will increase Pela's Hit Rate by 10% Meanwhile, when Pela attacks the enemy the Attack Damage will increase up to 25% of the effect hit rate. 

Pela Eidolon

Pela Eidolon Build | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

Eidolon Level 1: Victory Report

When Pela defeats an enemy, Pela regenerates 5 energy.

Eidolon Level 2: Adamant Charge

Using Skill to remove buff(s) increases SPD by 10% for 2 turn(s).

Eidolon Level 3: Suppressive Force

Skill lv.+2, up to a maximum of Lv.15. Basic ATK lv. +1. Up to a maximum of Lv.10.

Eidolon Level 4: Full Analysis

When using skill, there is a 100% base chance to reduce the target enemy's Ice RES by 12% for 2 turn(s).

Eidolon Level 5: Absolute Jeopardy

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

Eidolon Level 6: Feeble Pursuit

When Pela attacks a debuffed enemy, she deals Additional Ice DMG equal to 40% of Pela's ATK to the enemy.

End of Pela Build Guide.

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