Hidden Shadow Material & Tier | Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail Hidden Shadow Light Cone - Get to know all detailed information about Hidden Shadow featured, stats, effects, material, how to get & more.

Hidden Shadow Effect & Stats

  • Name: Hidden Shadow
  • Rarity: 3 Star
  • Path: Nihility
  • HP
    • Level 1: 38
    • Level 80: 846
  • ATK
    • Level 1: 14
    • Level 80: 317
  • DEF
    • Level 1: 12
    • Level 80: 264


Superimpose Level 1: Mechanism After using skill, the wearer's next basic ATK deals an additional DMG equal to 60% of ATK to the target enemy.

Note: You need to Warp the Same Light Cone To Upgrade Superimpose Level.

  • Level 5:
    • Deal Additional DMG: 120%

Hidden Shadow Tier - Best on Characters

Hidden Shadow is an S Tier 3 Star lightcone in the Nihility Path of Honkai: Star Rail. This is the only 3-Star lightcone that give additional DMG to the next Basic ATK after using the skill.

Best on Characters

This lightcone is best on all 3 characters in this path down below:

Welt & Sampo is the First Best to equip this lightcone on. He his skill & his Basic ATK deal a lot of damage, So when you put this lightcone with him. The DMG will go even higher. 

Pela is the second best to equip this lightcone. The effect that this lightcone has also goes well with her. 

Hidden Shadow Ascension Material

In order to upgrade your Hidden Shadow to Max Level 80 you will need some of the following Ascension Materials down below:

How To Get Hidden Shadow

You will get a chance to get Hidden Shadow in a Limited-time Offer LightCone Event Warp by using a 1 Star Rail Special Pass per Warp.