Welt Build, Lightcone, & Relics | Honkai: Star Rail

Welt is a 5 stars character in Honkai: Star Rail. Find Welt skills and build in this article.

Character Overview: Welt

Welt is a male character of the The Nihility path with Imaginary element. He is the strongest when fighting alone in battle.

How to get Welt in Honkai: Star Rail

To get Welt you need to pull this character from any of these Warp banners (GACHA) using Star Rail pass or Special Pass:

  • Departure Warp
  • Butterfly on Swordtip
  • Brilliant Fixation
  • Stellar Warp

Welt Stats & Ascension Materials

  • Level 1 Stats
    • HP: 153
    • ATK: 84
    • DEF: 69
    • Speed: 102
  • Level 80 Stats
    • HP: 1125
    • ATK: 620
    • DEF: 509
    • Speed: 102

Welt Ascension Materials

Honkai: Star Rail Welt ascension material - zilliongamer

Here are all ascension materials that you need for leveling up Seele to level 80:

Welt Skills & Abilities Priority

Honkai: Star Rail Welt Skills - zilliongamer

Gravity Suppression (Basic ATK) - Single Target

Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 50% of Welt's ATK to a single enemy.

Edge of the Void (Skill) - Bounce

Slashes 3 times, each dealing Imaginary DMG equal to 39% of Welt's ATK to a random enemy. On hit, there is a 66% base chance to reduce the enemy's SPD by 10% for 2 turn(s).

Synthetic Black Hole (Ultimate) - AoE ATK

Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 96% of Welt's ATK to all enemies. There is a 100% base chance for enemies hit by this ability to be Imprisoned.

Imprisoned enemies have their actions delayed by 32% and SPD reduced by 10%.

Time Distortion (Talent) - Enhance

If the enemy hit is already Slowed, deals additional Imaginary DMG equal to 33% of Welt's ATK to the enemy.

Gravitational Imprisonment (Technique) - Impair

After using Welt's Technique, create a small Black Hole Zone that lasts for 15 second(s).

Enemies who enter this area have their Movement SPD Slowed by 50%.

Upon entering battle in the Black Hole Zone, there is a 100% chance for the enemies to become Imprisoned. Imprisoned enemies have their actions delayed by 20% and SPD reduced by 10%.

Welt Abilities Priority

This is the abilities priority order that you can use it a a strategy inside the combat.

Best Welt Abilities Priority | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

Welt Trace

Ascension 2: Retribution

Increase Welt's Ultimate DMG by 25%.

Ascension 4: Judgment

Using Welt's Ultimate additionally regenerates 10 Energy.

Ascension 6: Punishment

Deals 20% more DMG to enemies inflicted with Weakness Break.

Best Light Cones for Welt

Best Welt Lightcone Build | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

  • In The Name of The World 5-Star LightCone: Increase 24% DMG to debuffed enemy. When Welt using skill increase ATK 24% and 18% effect hit rate ATK.
  • We Will Meet Again 4-Star Lightcone: This will increase more 48% additional DMG to Welt whenever he use his Basic ATK & Skill. 
  • Loop 3-Sta Lightcone: Give more 24% DMG dealt when Welt Slowed enemies. It fit really when Welt Use Talent & Technique.

Best Relics for Welt

Best Welt Relics Build | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

These are the best Relics for Welt that focus on increase Imaginary damage & Huge Critical Rate hit chance when he you he Ultimate & Skill.  

  • Equip 4 Pieces of Wastelander of Banditry Desert: Increase 10% of Imaginary damage plus 10% critical hit rate and if the enemy is imprisoned, critical damage increases by 20%
  • Equip 2 Pieces of Inert Salsotto: Increase Welt Critical Rate 8%. When current critical is reaches 50% or above, the damage will increases 15% when Welt use his ultimate + follow up attack. 

Welt Eidolon

Best Welt Eidolon Build | Honkai: Star Rail - zilliongamer

Eidolon Level 1: Legacy of Honor

After using his Ultimate, Welt's abilities are enhanced.The next 2 time(s) he uses his Basic ATK or Skill, deal additional DMG once to the target.

Extra DMG from his Basic ATK is equal to 50% of his Basic ATK DMG, and extra DMG from his Skill is equal to 80% of his Skill's DMG multiplier.

Eidolon Level 2: Conflux of Stars

When his Talent is triggered, Welt regenerates 3 Energy.

Eidolon Level 3: Prayer of Peace

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Eidolon Level 4: Appellation of Justice

When using Welt's Ultimate, there is a 100% base chance to increase the DMG received by the target by 12% for 2 turn(s).

Eidolon Level 5: Power of Kindness

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

Eidolon Level 6: Prospect of Brilliance

When using Welt's Skill, deals DMG for 1 additional time to a random enemy.

End of Welt Build Guide.