Honkai Star Rail Kafka Best Build, Light Cone, & Material

Kafka is a 5 stars character in Honkai: Star Rail. Find Kafka's skills and build on this article.

Character Overview: Kafka

Kafka is a female character of the Nihility Path with a Lightning element. He is a member of the Stellaron Hunters, A dashing, collected, and professional beauty. Used the enchantment of Spirit Whisper to set up Trailblazer to absorb the Stellaron. Her hobby is shopping for and organizing her collection of coats.

How to get Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

To get Kafka you need to pull this character from any of these Warp banners (GACHA) using Star Rail pass or Special Pass:

  • Departure Warp
  • Butterfly on Swordtip
  • Brilliant Fixation
  • Stellar Warp

Kafka Stats & Ascension Materials

  • Level 1 Stats
    • HP: 148
    • ATK: 92.4
    • DEF: 66
    • Speed: 100
  • Level 80 Stats
    • HP: 1087
    • ATK: 679.14
    • DEF: 485.1
    • Speed: 100

Kafka Materials

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Ascension material

Here are all the ascension materials that you need for leveling up Kafka to level 80:

Kafka Skills & Abilities Priority

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Skill

Midnight Tumult (Lv9/Basic ATK) - Single Target

Energy Regeneration: 20
Weakness Break: 30
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 130% of Kafka's ATK to a single enemy.

Caressing Moonlight (Lv15/Skill) - Blast

Energy Regeneration: 30
Weakness Break: Single Target: 60/ Blast: 30
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 200% of Kafka's ATK to target enemy and Lightning DMG equal to 75% of Kafka's ATK to enemies adjacent to it. If the target enemy is currently receiving DoT, all DoTs currently placed on that enemy immediately produce DMG equal to 82.5% of their original DMG.

Twilight Trill (Lv15/Ultimate) - AoE

Energy Regeneration: 5
Weakness Break: AoE: 60
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 96% of Kafka's ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance for enemies hit to become Shocked and immediately take DMG from their current Shock state, equal to 110% of its original DMG. The shock lasts for 2 turns. While Shocked, enemies receive Lightning DoT equal to 360.69% of Kafka's ATK at the beginning of each turn.

Gentle but Cruel (Talent) - Single Target

Energy Regeneration: 10
Weakness Break: 30
After an ally of Kafka's uses Basic ATK on an enemy target, Kafka immediately launches 1 follow-up attack and deals Lightning DMG equal to 189% of her ATK to that target, with a 100% base chance to inflict Shock equivalent to that applied by her Ultimate to the attacked enemy target for 2 turns. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn.

Mercy Is Not Forgiveness (Technique)

Energy Regeneration: 0
Weakness Break: 60
Immediately attacks all enemies within a set range. After entering battle, deals Lightning DMG equal to 50% of Kafka's ATK to all enemies, with a 100% base chance to inflict Shock equivalent to that applied by her ultimate on every enemy target for 2 turns.

Kafka Abilities Priority

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Ability Priority

Kafka is a Nihility character that dealing DMG over time. so we focus on her Ultimate first which deals lightning DMG with a high chance of Shocking them and if enemies are shocked they receive Lightning DoT 1 more time.

Kafka's Skill should be your second priority because this will give one more DoT DMG if enemies currently have a DoT effect inflicted on it.

Then, you can upgrade to Talent in order to enhance follow-up ATK that deals lightning DMG with a high chance of inflicting Shock.

Then you can max Kafka's Basic ATK, to deal better Lightning DMG to a single enemy.

Kafka Trace

Ascension 2: Torture

When the Ultimate is used, enemy targets will now receive DMG immediately from all currently applied DoT sources instead of just receiving DMG immediately from the currently applied Shock state.

Ascension 4: Plunder

If an enemy is defeated while Shocked, Kafka additionally regenerates 5 Energy.

Ascension 6: Thorns

The base chance for Ultimate, Technique, or the follow-up attack triggered by the Talent to inflict Shock increases by 30%.

Best Light Cones for Kafka

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Best Lightcone

Best 5 Stars Lightcone

The best Kafka's 5-star light cone is Patience is all you need which is her signature light that Increases her DMG and SPD and when enemies inflict Erode and are also shocked they will receive Lightning DoT for 1 turn.

Best 4 Stars Lightcone

We highly recommend using Good Night and Sleep Well 4-star light cone with Kafka to increase DMG dealt when Kafka debuffs enemies. and this effect also applies to DoT.

Best 3 Stars Lightcone

For the Best 3-star light cone, you should use Void, this can increase the effect hit rate at the start of battle which is important to land debuff effectively.

Best Relics for Kafka

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Best Relic

The best relic set for Kafka is the 4-piece Sizzling Thunder, which Increases her lightning DMG, and when she uses skill, increases the wearer's ATK by 25% for 1 turn.

For Kafka's Planar ornaments, you should use Space Sealing to increase ATK and SPD reaches 120.

Best Kafka Team Build

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Team Comp Build - zilliongamer

Click Here to check out all Kafka Team Comp

Kafka Eidolon

Honkai: Star Rail Kafka Best Eidolon

Eidolon Level 1: Da Capo

When the Talent triggers a follow-up ATK, there is a 100% base chance to increase the DoT received by the target by 30% for 2 turns.

Eidolon Level 2: Fortississimo

While Kafka is on the field, DoT dealt by all allies increases by 25%.

Eidolon Level 3: Capriccio

Skill Lv.+2, up to a maximum of Lv.15.
Basic ATK Lv.+1, up to a maximum of Lv.10.

Eidolon Level 4: Recitativo

When an enemy target takes DMG from the Shock status inflicted by Kafka, Kafka additionally regenerates 2 Energy.

Eidolon Level 5: Doloroso

Ultimate Lv.+2, up to a maximum of Lv.15.
Talent Lv.+2, up to a maximum of Lv.10.

Eidolon Level 6: Leggiero

The Shock inflicted on the enemy target by the Ultimate, the Technique, or the Talent-triggered follow-up ATK has a DMG multiplier increase of 156% and lasts 1 turn longer.

End of Kafka Build Guide.

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