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Honkai: Star Rail Multiplication Light Cone - Get to know all detailed information about Multiplication featured, stats, effects, material, how to get & more.

Multiplication Effect & Stats

  • Name: Multiplication
  • Rarity4 Star
  • Path: Abundance
  • HP
    • Level 1: 43
    • Level 80: 952
  • ATK
    • Level 1: 14
    • Level 80: 317
  • DEF
    • Level 1: 9
    • Level 80: 198


Superimpose Level 1: After the wearer uses their Basic ATK, their next action will be Advanced Forward by 12%.

Note: You need to Warp the same light cone to upgrade Superimpose Level.

  • Level 5:
    • Advanced Forward 20%

Multiplication Tier - Best on Characters

Multiplication is the  A Tier lightcone in the Abundance path of Honkai: Star Rail.

Best on Characters

This Lightcone are work in both characters Bailu and Natasha, and can provide additional Healing to allies. we recommend using it if you really need some DMG in the early game.

Multiplication Ascension Material

In order to upgrade your Multiplication to Max Level 80 you will need some of the following Ascension Materials down below:

How To Get Multiplication

You will get a chance to get Multiplication in a Limited-time Offer LightCone Event Warp by using a 1 Star Rail Special Pass per Warp. 

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