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We Are Wildfire Effect & Stats

  • Name: We Are Wildfire
  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Path: Preservation
  • HP
    • Level 1: 33
    • Level 80: 740
  • ATK
    • Level 1: 21
    • Level 80: 476
  • DEF
    • Level 1: 21
    • Level 80: 463


Superimpose Level 1: Teary-Eyed At the start of the battle, the DMG deal to all allies decreases by 8% for 5 turn(s)/ At the same time, immediately restores HP to all allies equal to 30% of the respective HP difference between the character's Max HP and current HP.

Note: You need to Warp the Same light cone to upgrade Superimpose Level.

  • Level 5:
    • DMG Deal to all allies Decreases: 16%
    • HP Restore to all allies: 30%

We Are Wildfire Tier - Best on Characters

We are Wildfire is a S Tier Lightcone in the Preservation path. This is the only 4-Star lightcone that has a Restores HP to all allies stats at the start of the combat.

Best on Characters

Gepard: This lightcone goes well with Gepard Talent and when you upgrade his Eidolon to E6 the restored HP % will go event more higher. 

For March 7th when apply this lightcone on. She only gains the DMG decrease.

We Are Wildfire Ascension Material

In order to upgrade your We Are Wildfire to Max Level 80 you will need some of the following Ascension Materials down below:

How To Get We Are Wildfire

You will get a chance to get We Are Wildfire in a Limited-time Offer LightCone Event Warp by using a 1 Star Rail Special Pass per Warp.  

End of We Are Wildfire.

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