Planetary Rendezvous Material & Tier | Honkai: Star Rail

Get to know Planetary Rendezvous light cone in Honkai: Star Rail featuring stats, effect, materials, how to get, and it's tier here.

Planetary Rendezvous Effect & Stats

  • Rarity: 4 Star
  • Path: Harmony
  • HP
    • Level 1: 48
    • Level 80: 1058
  • ATK
    • Level 1: 19
    • Level 80: 423
  • DEF
    • Level 1: 15
    • Level 80: 330


Superimposition 1:

Upon battle entry, if an ally deals the same DMG Type as the wearer, DMG dealt increases by 12%.

Superimposition 5:

Upon battle entry, if an ally deals the same DMG Type as the wearer, DMG increases by 24%.

Note: You need to Warp the Same Planetary Rendezvous to upgrade Superimposition level.

Planetary Rendezvous Ascension Material

In order to upgrade this light cone up to max level 80 you will need some of the following ascension materials such as:

How to get Planetary Rendezvous Light Cone

In order to get this Planetary Rendezvous light cone, you can pull it from multiple banner or warps such as:

  • Light Cone event warp.
  • Regular warp.

Planetary Rendezvous Tier - Best on Character

Planetary Rendezvous is an tier light cone in Honkai: Star Rail, it's a DMG increase light cone but require your team to have the same DMG type as the wearer.

Best on Characters

Tingyun is the best character to use this light cone, she has fire DMG type and most DPS is a great fire damage dealer.

Asta and Bronya is also good for this light cone, but their are just way better light cone for them to use.

End of Past and Future Light Cone Guide.