Honkai Star Rail Jingliu Best Build, Light Cone, & Material

Jingliu is a 5 stars character in Honkai: Star Rail. Find Jingliu's skills and build on this article.

Character Overview: Jingliu

Jingliu is a female character of the Destruction Path with a Lightning element. She is the Former Sword Champion of the Luofu, and the creator of the Cloud Knights' legends of undefeated might. Now, her name has been wiped from the records, and she is a traitor of the Xianzhou walking on the fine line between sanity and mara-struck.

How to get Jingliu in Honkai: Star Rail

To get Jingliu you need to pull this character from any of these Warp banners (GACHA) using Star Rail pass or Special Pass:

  • Departure Warp
  • Butterfly on Swordtip
  • Brilliant Fixation
  • Stellar Warp

Jingliu Stats & Ascension Materials

  • Level 1 Stats
    • HP: 185
    • ATK: 92.4
    • DEF: 52.8
    • Speed: 100
  • Level 80 Stats
    • HP: 1358
    • ATK: 679.14
    • DEF: 388.08
    • Speed: 100

Jingliu Materials

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Ascension material

Here are all the ascension materials that you need for leveling up Jingliu to level 80:

Jingliu Skills & Abilities Priority

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Skill

Lucent Moonglow (Lv9/Basic ATK) - Single Target

Energy Regeneration: 20
Weakness Break: Single Target: 30
Deals Ice DMG equal to 130% of Jingliu's ATK to a single enemy.
After attacking an enemy and entering battle, the enemy's corresponding Type Toughness will be Weakened.

Transcendent Flash (Lv15/Skill) - Single Target

Energy Regeneration: 30
Weakness Break: Single Target: 60
Deals Ice DMG equal to 250% of Jingliu's ATK to target enemy and obtains 1 stack(s) of Syzygy.

Fleeting as Stellar Dreams (Lv15/Ultimate) - Blast

Energy Regeneration: 5
Weakness Break: Single Target: 60 / Blast: 60
Deals Lightning DMG equal to 360of Jingliu's ATK to a single enemy, and deal Ice DMG equal to 180% of Jingliu's ATK to adjacent enemies. Obtains 1 stack(s) of Syzygy after the ATK concludes, Jingliu will be considered to be in the Spectral Transmigration state when unleashing her ultimate.

Crescent Transmigration (Talent) - Enhance

Energy Regeneration: 0
Weakness Break: 0
When Jingliu has 2 stacks of Syzygy, she enters the Spectral Transmigration state and gains 1 extra turn. In this state, Jingliu gains a new Skill, Moon On Glacial River, and can only use this Skill. When Jingliu uses an attack in the Spectral Transmigration state, she consumes HP from all other allies equal to 6% of their respective Max HP (this cannot reduce allies' HP to lower than 1). Jingliu's ATK increases based on 250% of the total HP consumed from all allies in this instance, capped at 150% of her base ATK until the current attack ends. When Syzygy stacks become 0, Jingliu will exit the Spectral Transmigration state.

Innermost Nature (Technique) - Impair

Energy Regeneration: 0
Weakness Break: 0
After using this Technique, creates a dimension around Jingliu that lasts for 20 seconds, and all enemies in this dimension will become Frozen. After entering combat with enemies in the dimension, obtain 1 stack of Syzygy, with a 100% base chance of Freezing enemy targets for 1 turn. While Frozen, enemy targets cannot take action, and receive Additional DMG equal to 80% of Jingliu's ATK at the start of every turn. Only 1 dimension created by allies can exist at the same time.

Moon On Glacial River (Skill) - Blast

Energy Regeneration: 20
Weakness Break: Single Target: 60 / Blast: 30
Deals Ice DMG equal to 300% of Jingliu's ATK to a single enemy, and deals Ice DMG equal to 150% of Jingliu's ATK to adjacent enemies. Consumes 1 stack. of Syzygy. Using this ability does not consume Skill Points.

Jingliu Abilities Priority

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Ability Priority

Jingliu is a Destruction character that deals with huge DMG in the team. so we focus on her Ultimate first which deals Ice DMG to a target enemy and deals Ice DMG to adjacent targets. You will obtain 1 stack of Syzygy.

Jingliu's Skill should be your second priority because this will give more Ice DMG. You will obtain 1 stack of Syzygy.

Then, you can upgrade to Talent in order to enhance her ATK by consuming her team HP.

Then you can max Jingliu's Basic ATK, to deal better Lightning DMG to a single enemy.

Jingliu Trace

Ascension 2: Deathrealm

While in the Spectral Transmigration state, 

Ascension 4: Sword Champion

While in the Spectral Transmigration state, increases SPD by 10%.

Ascension 6: Frost Wraith

While in the Spectral Transmigration state, increases DMG by 10%.

Best Light Cones for Jingliu

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Best Light Cone

Best 5 Stars Lightcone

The best Jingliu's 5-star light cone is I Shall Be My Own Sword which is her signature light that Increases her skill DMG, CRIT DMG, and immediately regenerates 12 energy.

Best 4 Stars Lightcone

We highly recommend using The Mole Welcome You 4-star light cone with Jingliu to increase the wearer's ATK when the wearer uses Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate.

Best 3 Stars Lightcone

For the Best 3-star light cone, you should use Collapsing Sky, this can increase the wearer's Basic ATK and Skill DMG.

Best Relics for Jingliu

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Best Relic

The best relic set for Jingliu is the 4-piece Hunter Of Glacial Forest, which Increases her ice DMG, and when she uses ultimate, their CRIT DMG increases by 25% for 2 turn

For Jingliu's Planar ornaments, you should use Space Sealing to increase ATK and SPD reaches 120.

Best Jingliu Team Build

Best Jingliu Team Build

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Jingliu Eidolon

Honkai: Star Rail Jingliu Best Eidolon

Eidolon Level 1: Lunar Assault Upon Tianguan Gates

When using her Ultimate or Enhance Skill, Jingliu's CRIT Rate increases by 12% for 1 turn. If only one enemy target is attacked, the DMG originally intended for adjacent targets will also be calculated against the current target, dealing Ice DMG equal to 60% of the DMG the adjacent targets would have received.

Eidolon Level 2: New Moon's Dark Overshadow Qixing Dipper

Increase Ultimate's DMG by an additional 30%.

Eidolon Level 3: Waxing Half Gazing in Earnest

Ultimate Lv.+2, up to a maximum of Lv.15.
Talent Lv.+1, up to a maximum of Lv.15.

Eidolon Level 4: Moonlight Shaft Held Aloft

While in the Spectral Transmigration state, the ATK obtained from consuming allies' HP is additionally increased by 10% of the total HP that has been consumed from the entire team. The cap for ATK increased in this way increases by 40%.

Eidolon Level 5: Darkness Encroacheds On the Celestial Bear

Skill Lv.+2, up to a maximum of Lv.15.
Basic ATK Lv.+1, up to a maximum of Lv.10.

Eidolon Level 6: Eclipse Transforms Into Hollow Emptiness

When Jingliu enters the Spectral Transmigration state, obtain 1 stack of Syzygy. While she is in the Spectral Transmigration state, her CRIT DMG increases by 50%.

End of Jingliu Build Guide.

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