Call of Duty Mobile Weapons Stats, Class, Tier

In Call of Duty Mobile, a weapon is for eliminating enemies at any range. It is a priority to at least have 1 weapon equipped in your loadout.

There are 34 weapons that are currently in Call of Duty Mobile.

Get to know all the weapons starting here:

Weapon Stats

Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Stats can help you to find out the highest damage and the most accurate weapon in each type.

This weapon stats divided into weapon types to help increase the viewer experience.

By viewing weapon stats you can find out all weapon damage, fire rate, and accuracy in numeric data.

Assault Rifle Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy

Sniper Rifle Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy
DL Q33901555
M21 EBR803560

Light Machine Gun Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy

Submachine Gun Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy

Shotgun Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy

Pistol Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy

Launcher Stats

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy

Regarding Operation skill class there are no official stats.

Weapon Class

Weapon Class | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

As you already know there are 34 weapons but it doesn't belong in 1 class. There are 3 classes: Primary class, Secondary class, and Operator skill class.

×Click on the image of a weapon to see each weapon complete information and recommended weapon attachment.

Primary Class Weapon

The primary class weapon is the main weapon that you use in gameplay. 29 weapons belong to the primary class and split into 7 types.

Most of these weapons have high damage, accuracy, fast fire rate, and range flexibility.

Assault Rifle

An assault rifle is a type of firearm that has good damage and convenient to use. It is well-suited for every player.

There are 9 weapons in assault rifle type such as:

Call of Duty: Mobile | M4 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerM4Call of Duty: Mobile | AK-47 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerAK-47
Call of Duty: Mobile | M16 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerM16Call of Duty: Mobile | BK57 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerBK57
Call of Duty: Mobile | LK24 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerLK24Call of Duty: Mobile | ASM10 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerASM10
Call of Duty: Mobile | Type 25 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerType25Call of Duty: Mobile | AK117 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerAK117
Call of Duty: Mobile | ICR-1 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerICR-1Call of Duty Mobile | Man-O-War - zilliongamerMan-O-War
Call of Duty Mobile | HBRa3 Guide - zilliongamerHBRa3Call of Duty Mobile | KN-44 Guide - zilliongamerKN-44
Call of Duty Mobile | HVK-30 Guide - zilliongamerHVK-30 

Sniper Rifle

Sniper rifle is an iconic weapon of Call of Duty. It has high damage and an extremely fast fire rate.

There are 4 weapons in sniper rifle type such as:

Call of Duty: Mobile | DL Q33 Sniper Rifle - zilliongamerDL Q33Call of Duty: Mobile | XPR-50 Sniper Rifle - zilliongamerXPR-50
Call of Duty: Mobile | M21 EBR Sniper Rifle - zilliongamerM21 EBR Call of Duty: Mobile | Arctic.50 Sniper Rifle - zilliongamerArctic.50
Call of Duty Mobile | Locus Sniper Rifle - zilliongamerLocus 

Light Machine Gun

The light machine gun is a type of firearm that has high ammo capacity good for providing cover fire.

There are 4 weapons in light machine gun type such as:

Call of Duty: Mobile | RPD Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerRPDCall of Duty: Mobile | UL736 Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerUL736
Call of Duty: Mobile | S36 Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerS36Call of Duty: Mobile | M4LMG Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerM4LMG


The shotgun is a type of close-range firearm. This weapon type is very effective to use in close-range combat.

There are 4 weapons in shotgun type such as:

Call of Duty: Mobile | BY15 Shotgun - zilliongamerBY15Call of Duty: Mobile | HS0405 Shotgun - zilliongamerHS0405
Call of Duty: Mobile | HS2126 Shotgun - zilliongamerHS2126Call of Duty: Mobile | Striker Shotgun - zilliongamerStriker
Call of Duty Mobile Shotgun: KRM-262 - zilliongamerKRM-262 

Submachine Gun

The submachine gun is also a close-range firearm that has high damage and a very fast fire rate.

There are 5 weapons in submachine gun type such as:

Call of Duty Mobile: MSMC SMG - zilliongamerMSMCCall of Duty Mobile: AKS-74U SMG - zilliongamerAKS-74U
Call of Duty Mobile: Chicom SMG - zilliongamerChicomCall of Duty Mobile: HG40 SMG - zilliongamerHG40
Call of Duty Mobile: PDW-57 SMG - zilliongamerPDW-57Call of Duty Mobile: Razorback SMG - zilliongamerRazorback
Call of Duty Mobile: Pharo SMG - zilliongamerPharoCall of Duty Mobile: GKS SMG- zilliongamerGKS 

Secondary Class Weapon

The secondary class weapon is a backup weapon. This weapon comes in handy when your primary weapon running out of ammo.

There are 4 weapons that belong to the second class and split into 2 types.


The pistol is a handgun that has good damage and good fire rate. It is common to equip pistol for your secondary class loadout.

Especially if you are using a sniper rifle loadout. It can help to eliminate close-range enemies easier.

Call of Duty: Mobile | MW11 Pistol - zilliongamerMW11Call of Duty: Mobile | J358 Pistol - zilliongamerJ358


The launcher is a type of firearm that has high explosive damage and can eliminate multiple players per shot.

The launcher only has 1 ammo per round (after respawn you will get 1 ammo).

There are 2 weapons in launcher type:

Call of Duty: Mobile | SMRS Launcher List - zilliongamerSMRSCall of Duty: Mobile | FHJ-18 Launcher List - zilliongamerFHJ-18

Operator Skill Class

The operator skill class is quite different from the 2 classes above. This class is a special weapon that deals extremely high damage to the enemy. 

However, you will need to eliminate enough enemies to activate the operator skill weapon.

There are 6 weapons in operator skill class such as:

Call of Duty Mobile | Scythe - Operator Skill - zilliongamerScytheCall of Duty Mobile | War Machine - Operator Skill - zilliongamerWar machine
Call of Duty Mobile | Tempest - Operator Skill - zilliongamerTempestCall of Duty Mobile | Purifier - Operator Skill - zilliongamerPurifier
Call of Duty Mobile | Transform Shield - Operator Skill - zilliongamerTransform ShieldCall of Duty Mobile | Sparrow - Operator Skill - zilliongamerSparrow

See All Operator Skill List

Weapon Tier

×This weapon tier is not an official game data. It is sorted by values of Damage, Fire rate, and Accuracy.

TierWeapon Name
SAK-47, Type 25, DL Q33, S36
AM4, LK24, Arctic.50, PDW-57, AKS-74U
BM16, LK24, M21 EBR, UL736, MSCM, HS0405, J358
CASM10, BK57, XPR-50, RPD, Chicom, M4LMG, Striker, MW11
DHG 40, BY15, HS2126, SMRS, FHJ-18

To find out more detail about weapon tier explanation visit our Complete Weapon Tier article.


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