SP-R 208 Best Loadout Attachments & Skin

Find out How to get SP-R 208 in Call of Duty Mobile, Best SP-R 208 loadout, perks, and all skins here.

How to get SP-R 208

In order to unlock SP-R 208 you need to complete 6 challenges in Seasonal "Elite Marksman" event such as:

  1. Kill 5 enemies with Sniper Rifles.
  2. Earn Long Shot Medal 5 times.
  3. Kill 10 Enemies with Agile Perk equipped.
  4. Kill 10 Enemies with any NA-45.
  5. Kill 20 Enemies with any NA-45 with any optic.
  6. Kill 10 Enemies with headshots using any NA-45.

Now that you've unlocked SP-R 208, lets move on to the juice.

Weapon Overview

SP-R 208 | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

SP-R 208 is in new marksman class in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2021. The SP-R 208 has high damage, great accuracy with the base ammo of 5, and it's in prime when using from 5 to 20 meters range.

SP-R 208 Weapon Stats

Note: This is a fresh stats for SP-R 208 which mean that 0 attachment is being equipped to the weapon.

SP-R 208Stats & Tier
Fire Rate:27

Best gun in Call of Duty Mobile

SP-R 208 Best Loadout Attachments

Here is our recommendation on picking the best attachments for SP-R 208 marksman in Call of Duty Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor.
  • Barrel: MIP Light.
  • Optic: 6X Tactical Scope 3.
  • Ammunition: .338 5 Round Reload.
  • Bolt: Light Bolt.

This SP-R 208 class setup Silenced gun firing sound, increases damage and damage range, while still maintain good mobility and accuracy.

SP-R 208 Best Perk Loadout

Here is our recommendation for the best SP-R 208 perk loadout:

Lightweight perk in Call of Duty Mobile.LightweightSprinting speed is increased by 10%.
Ghost perk in Call of Duty Mobile.GhostEnemy UAVs cannot reveal your position.
Dead Silence perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Dead SilenceGrants silent movement while walking.

This SP-R 208 perk class improve your sprinting speed, and remain stealth when eliminating the enemies.

SP-R 208 Skin - Rarity, Loadout, & How To Get

Here are all SP-R 208 skin in Call of Duty Mobile:

SP-R 208 - Indomitable

SP-R 208 - Indomitable | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Rarity: Rare

How to get SP-R 208 Indomitable: Unlock this skin in Season 8 Featured event: Sweet Celebration.

SP-R 208 - Long Serpent

SP-R 208 - Long Serpent | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Long Serpent
Rarity: Epic

How to get SP-R 208 Long Serpent: Unlock this skin in Brute Beast Crate.

SP-R 208 - Flora

SP-R 208 - Flora | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Flora
Rarity: Epic
How to get SP-R 208- Flora: Unlock this skin in Voodoo Lion Crate.

SP-R 208 - Ethereal

SP-R 208 - Ethereal | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Ethereal
Rarity: Epic
How to get SP-R 208 - Ethereal: Unlock this skin in S5 Events: Sea of Steel Top 5% - 10% leaderboard.

SP-R 208 - Lost Gothic

SP-R 208 - Lost Gothic | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Lost Gothic
Rarity: Epic
How to get SP-R 208 - Lost Gothic: Unlock this skin in Dark Gunman Mythic Drop.

SP-R 208 - Overpower

SP-R 208 - Overpower | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Overpower
Rarity: Rare
How to get SP-R 208 - Overpower: Unlock this skin in Series 2 Ranked Match (MP) PRO II.

SP-R 208 - Dragon Head

SP-R 208 - Dragon Head | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Dragon Head
Rarity: Epic
How to get SP-R 208 - Dragon Head: You can get this skin in Hired Muscle Crate.

SP-R 208 - Counter Spy

SP-R 208 - Counter Spy | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Counter Spy
Rarity: Legendary
How to get SP-R 208 - Counter Spy: You can unlock this skin in Doppelganger Draw.

SP-R 208 - Counter Spy Loadout

  • Barrel: Light extended Barrel.
  • Optic: 6x Tactical Scope 3.
  • Stock: YKM Light Stock.
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A.
  • Bolt: Light Bolt.

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