Kilo Bolt-Action Stats, Attachment, & Skin

View info of Kilo Bolt Action marksman rifle in COD Mobile here! Know the Kilo Bolt-Action best attachment, perks, and skins.

Kilo Bolt-Action Overview

You need to reach tier 21 in Season 9 Battle Pass to unlock Kilo Bolt-Action.

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman - zilliongamer

Kilo Bolt-Action is in marksman class of COD Mobile that has high damage, good accuracy, and can 1 shot enemy in close to medium range when hitting the upper body area. It is the first sniper that can use ironsight.

Kilo Bolt-Action Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range, Controls

Kilo Bolt-ActionStats & Tier
Fire Rate:28

Season 1 Best Gun Tier List

Kilo Bolt-Action Class Setup - The Best Attachment for Kar98

Here is the recommendation on building the best attachment for Kilo Bolt-Action marksman:

  • Muzzle: OWC Light Suppressor.
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel.
  • Optic: 3x Tactical Scope 3.
  • Ammunition: OWC Stopping Power Reload.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.

This attachments class increase Kilo Bolt-Action damage, accuracy, range, and decrease fire rate, mobility, and controls.

Here is the stats change after using the attachments above:

Kilo Bolt-ActionStats
Fire Rate:25

Gunsmith Attachements Detail

Best Perk for Kilo Bolt-Action

Here is the best perk to use with Kilo Bolt-Action:

Light Weight perk in Call of Duty Mobile.LightweightSprinting speed increased by 10%.
Toughness perk in Call of Duty Mobile.ToughnessReduces flinch when getting shot at by 60%.
Dead Silence perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Dead SilenceSilent movement.

This is the best perk for Kilo Bolt-Action, it increase and silence your movement, and reduces flinch when getting shot which is helpful and can help you win gunfight.

Kilo Bolt-Action Skin - Rarity, Price, & How to get

Weapon skins camo make your gun look nicer, Blueprint added extra attachments. Here are all Kilo Bolt-Action skins in Call of Duty Mobile.

Kilo Bolt-Action Warmth

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Warmth - zilliongamer

Name: Warmth.
Rarity: Uncommon.
How to get Kilo Bolt-Action Warmth: You can get this skin in Inferno Crate.

Kilo Bolt-Action Cosmic Wave

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Cosmic Wave - zilliongamer

Name: Cosmic Wave.
Rarity: Rare.
How to get Kilo Bolt-Action - Cosmic Wave: You can get this skin in Featured Event: Gunfight Trio.

Kilo Bolt-Action Snowframe

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Snowframe - zilliongamer

Name: Snowframe
Rarity: Rare
How to get Kilo Bolt-Action Snowframe: Unlock this skin in Season 13 Seasonal Event: Can't Stope Me.

Kilo Bolt-Action Snow Stream

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Snow Stream - zilliongamer

Name: Snow Stream
Rarity: Rare
Unlock: Season 13 Battle Pass Premium Tier 25.

Kilo Bolt-Action Digital Death

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Digital Death - zilliongamer

Name: Digital Death
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Phase Shift Crate.

Kilo Bolt-Action Royal Flush

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Royal Flush - zilliongamer

Name: Royal Flush
Rarity: Rare
Unlock: Reaching Tier Master 3 in Season 7 Multiplayer Ranked.

Kilo Bolt-Action Rail Gun

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Rail Gun - zilliongamer

Name: Rail Gun
Rarity: Legendary
Unlock: Cybernetic Stalker Draw.

Kilo Bolt-Action Lazarus

Call of Duty Mobile Kilo Bolt-Action Lazarus - zilliongamer

Name: Lazarus
Rarity: Blueprint (Epic)
How to get Kilo Bolt-Action Lazarus: Unlock Kilo Bolt-Action Lazarus by reaching tier 50 in Season 9 Premium Battle Pass.

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