Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifle Loadout List (2024)

In COD Mobile Assault Rifle is widely known as the go to weapon when players want to be flexible and ability to use for close, medium, and long range. Assault Rifles has the most complex loadout build, and here are the best loadout for each Assault Rifle in CODM.

All Assault Rifle Loadout in COD Mobile

There are 29 weapons in Assault Rifle class in Call of Duty: Mobile. Tap on any Assault Rifle that you want to know their loadout.

Best Type 19 Loadout for COD MobileType 19-
Best Grau 5.56 Loadout for COD MobileGrau 5.56Best Groza Loadout for COD MobileGroza
Best Maddox Loadout for COD MobileMaddoxBest FFAR-1 Loadout for COD MobileFFAR 1
Best Krig 6 Loadout for COD MobileKrig 6Best EM2 Loadout for COD MobileEM2
Best Kilo 141 Loadout for COD MobileKilo 141Best Oden Loadout for COD MobileOden
Best M13 Loadout for COD MobileM13Best Swordfish Loadout for COD MobileSwordfish
Best AS VAL Loadout for COD MobileAS VALBest CR-56 AMAX Loadout for COD MobileCR-56 AMAX
Best Peacekeeper MK2 Loadout for COD MobilePeacekeeper MK2Best FR.556 Loadout for COD MobileFR.556
Best HVK-30 Loadout for COD MobileHVK-30Best DR-H Loadout for COD MobileDR-H
Best KN-44 Loadout for COD MobileKN-44Best HBRa3 Loadout for COD MobileHBRa3
Best ICR-1 Loadout for COD MobileICR-1Best Man-O-War Loadout for COD MobileMan-O-War
Best BK57 Loadout for COD MobileBK57Best LK24 Loadout for COD MobileLK24
Best ASM10 Loadout for COD MobileASM10Best M4 Loadout for COD MobileM4
Best AK 117 Loadout for COD MobileAK117Best AK-47 Loadout for COD MobileAK-47
Best Type 25 Loadout for COD MobileType 25Best M16 Loadout for COD MobileM16

Assault Rifle Information

Weapon Features

High Damage & Fast Fire Rate: Assault Rifle weapon has high damage and fast fire rate make it the best primary weapon type to use.

All Range Compatible: All weapons in assault rifle type support all range (close/medium/long).

Weapon Guides

Aim for head: Assault rifle has high damage output which make headshot extremely crucial in any situation, try to aim for your enemy head to eliminate them quicker.

Short spray technique: Practice short spray instead of full auto spray because it allows your weapon recoil to reset and most of your shots will not missed the target.

Single Shot at long range: When your enemy is farther from you try to use single shot instead, the damage is still the same but it will be more accurate.

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