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Find all weapon stats chart including damage, accuracy, and fire rate of Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile!

There are 21 weapons in Assault Rifle class in Call of Duty: Mobile such as M4, AK-47, M16, BK57, LK24, ASM10, Type25, AK117, ICR-1, Man-O-War, HBRa3, KN-44, HVK-30, DR-H, Peacekeeper MK2,FR.556, AS VAL, CR-56 AMAX, M13, Swordfish, and Kilo 141. View weapon stats chart here.

Assault Rifle List

NameDamageFire RateAccuracy
Call of Duty: Mobile | Oden Assault Rifle - zilliongamerOden484156
Call of Duty: Mobile | Kilo 141 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerKilo 141296856
Call of Duty: Mobile | Swordfish Assault Rifle - zilliongamerSwordfish248856
Call of Duty: Mobile | M13 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerM13248856
Call of Duty: Mobile | CR-56 AMAX Assault Rifle - zilliongamerCR-56 AMAX257150
Call of Duty Mobile | AS VAL - zilliongamerAS VAL288044
Call of Duty Mobile | FR.556 - zilliongamerFR.556256786
Call of Duty Mobile | Peacekeeper MK2 - zilliongamerPeacekeeper MK2266558
Call of Duty Mobile | Dr-H Guide - zilliongamerDR-H325763
Call of Duty Mobile | HVK-30 Guide - zilliongamerHVK-30237155
Call of Duty Mobile | KN-44 Guide - zilliongamerKN-44266355
Call of Duty Mobile | HBRa3 Guide - zilliongamerHBRa3267055
Call of Duty Mobile | Man-O-War - zilliongamerMan-O-War375069
Call of Duty: Mobile | ICR-1 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerICR-1 266069
Call of Duty: Mobile | M4 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerM4246859
Call of Duty: Mobile | AK-47 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerAK-47335567
Call of Duty: Mobile | M16 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerM16304881
Call of Duty: Mobile | BK57 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerBK57276657
Call of Duty: Mobile | LK24 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerLK24266361
Call of Duty: Mobile | ASM10 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerASM10345572
Call of Duty: Mobile | Type 25 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerType25248649
Call of Duty: Mobile | AK117 Assault Rifle - zilliongamerAK117257762

Assault Rifle Information

Weapon Features

High Damage & Fast Fire Rate: Assault Rifle weapon has high damage and fast fire rate make it the best primary weapon type to use.

All Range Compatible: All weapons in assault rifle type support all range (close/medium/long).

Weapon Guides

Aim for head: Assault rifle has high damage output which make headshot extremely crucial in any situation, try to aim for your enemy head to eliminate them quicker.

Short spray technique: Practice short spray instead of full auto spray because it allows your weapon recoil to reset and most of your shots will not missed the target.

Single Shot at long range: When your enemy is farther from you try to use single shot instead, the damage is still the same but it will be more accurate.

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  • Vaibhav Naik
    Vaibhav Naik

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    marksmen rifle category is missing totallyand 2 marksmen rifle are there in sniper but not other 2
  • Vaibhav Naik
    Vaibhav Naik

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    The new rocket launcher is not added and now another rocket launcher is coming in S11 add both the rocket launchers
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    Add heavy handle chooper loudouts
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    Were his HVK-30?
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      Hi, Sorry we've already added HVK-30 to the assault rifle collection. Thank you for reminding us.
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    Weere his hvk30
  • RessesoFusiem

    commended 2020-04-09

    I am really sorry for bothering you once again. This is like the best place to come to for information about events, new guns and knives, and many others. Is this a good loadout for the BK57? Attachments are red dot sight, fmj, foregrip, and stock with lightwieght, toughness, and dead silence.
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-04-10

      Hi Resseso, That is one of the best attachments for BK57 right now and use by a lot of high rank player as well.
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-04-10

      and the red perk can also be agile instead of lightweight base on your playstyle.

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