Call of Duty Mobile Shotgun - Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, accuracy, and fire rate of Shotgun in Call of Duty: Mobile!

There are 7 weapons in Shotgun class in Call of Duty: Mobile such as BY15, HS0405, HS2126, Striker, KRM 262, Echo, and R9-0. View weapon stats chart here.

Shotgun List

NameDamageFire RateAccuracy
Call of Duty: Mobile | R9-0 Shotgun - zilliongamerR9-017x123549
Call of Duty: Mobile | Echo Shotgun - zilliongamerEcho
Call of Duty: Mobile | KRM 262 Shotgun - zilliongamerKRM 26236x82851
Call of Duty: Mobile | BY15 Shotgun - zilliongamerBY1535x82948
Call of Duty: Mobile | HS0405 Shotgun - zilliongamerHS040539x102745
Call of Duty: Mobile | HS2126 Shotgun - zilliongamerHS212615x83840
Call of Duty: Mobile | Striker Shotgun - zilliongamerStriker17x83849

Shotgun Information

Weapon Features

Best for close range: Shotgun has a very powerful damage in close range, the accuracy is also insanely high make it the strongest weapon type to use in close range.

High mobility: Shotgun has high mobility making run & gun much more easier.

Weapon Guides

Hip fire: Because shotgun is mostly use in very close range, so hip fire is mostly used because you can hit your enemy easier.

Secondary weapon: Always have pistol as your secondary weapon, once you miss your shotgun shot you can change to pistol for backup.

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  • RessesoFusiem

    commended 2020-04-09

    I am really sorry for bothering you once again. This is like the best place to come to for information about events, new guns and knives, and many others. Is this a good loadout for the BK57? Attachments are red dot sight, fmj, foregrip, and stock with lightwieght, toughness, and dead silence.
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-04-10

      Hi Resseso, That is one of the best attachments for BK57 right now and use by a lot of high rank player as well.
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-04-10

      and the red perk can also be agile instead of lightweight base on your playstyle.
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    Mario Ivan Cardenas

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    Weere his hvk30
  • Mario Ivan Cardenas
    Mario Ivan Cardenas

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    Were his HVK-30?
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      Hi, Sorry we've already added HVK-30 to the assault rifle collection. Thank you for reminding us.

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    Add heavy handle chooper loudouts
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    Hi Is the site still being updated? Desert Eagle and Renetti seem to be missing here?
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