Call of Duty Mobile Light Machine Gun - Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, accuracy, fire rate of Light machine gun (LMG) in Call of Duty Mobile!

There are 7 weapons in Light machine gun (LMG) class in Call of Duty: Mobile such as M4LMG, RPD, UL736, S36 and Chopper, Hades, and Holger 26. View weapon stats chart here.

Light Machine Gun (LMG) List

NameDamageFire rateAccuracy
Call of Duty: Mobile | PKM Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerPKM326364
Call of Duty: Mobile | Holger 26 Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerHolger 26317153
Call of Duty: Mobile | Hades Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerHades296557
Call of Duty: Mobile | Chopper Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerChopper
Call of Duty: Mobile | S36 Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerS36387545
Call of Duty: Mobile | UL736 Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerUL736286258
Call of Duty: Mobile | RPD Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerRPD316661
Call of Duty: Mobile | M4LMG Light Machine Gun - zilliongamerM4LMG326361

Light Machine Gun Information

Weapon Features

High damage and mag size: Light machine guns has high damage and high magazine size which can fire continuously without reload. However the weapon doesn't have high accuracy.

Low Mobility: When using LMGs as your primary weapon you will notice that you are walking slower than other players because of the mobility of the guns are low.

Weapon Guides

Use in close range: Using LMGs in close range is better because of the weapon accuracy is very low to use in long range.

Crouch when shoot: This method can help to increase LMGs accuracy, try to sit down when firing the guns.

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