Call of Duty Mobile Submachine Gun Loadout List (2024)

In COD Mobile, Submachine Guns (SMGs) are the kings of close-quarters combat thanks to their high fire rates and excellent mobility. Finding the right loadout for each SMG is crucial for maximizing their potential. Here's a look at the best loadout for all SMGs in CODM.

All Submachine Gun Loadout in COD Mobile

There are 25 weapons in the SMG class in Call of Duty: Mobile. Tap on any SMG to explore their best loadouts.

Striker 45Striker 45OTS-9OTs 9
LAPALAPASwitchblade X9Switchblade X9
KSP 45KSP 45MAC-10MAC-10
MX9MX9PP19 BizonPP19 Bizon
HG 40HG 40PharoPharo

Submachine Gun Information

Weapon Features

High damage in close range: SMGs deal very high damage but only provide full effect in close range combat.

High Mobility: SMGs has high mobility which is good for aggressive playstyle.

Weapon Guides

Run & Gun: Thanks to the weapon high mobility you can run and shoot at your enemy and make yourself harder to get hit at the same time.

Hip Fire: Hip fire is really useful for SMGs because in most situation you will face your enemy in close range.

Reduce reload time: Attach with quickdraw mag attachment to reduce SMGs reload time.

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