Call of Duty Mobile Submachine Gun - Weapon List

Find all weapon stats chart including damage, accuracy, and fire rate of Submachine Gun (SMG) in Call of Duty Mobile!

There are 15 weapons in Submachine gun (SMG) class in Call of Duty: Mobile such as MSMC, AKS-74U (RUS-79U), Chicom, HG40, PDW-57, Razorback, Pharo, GKS, Cordite, QQ9 or MP5, Fennec, AGR 556, QXR, and PP19 Bizon, and CBR4. View weapon stats chart here.

Submachine Gun (SMG) List

NameDamageFire RateAccuracy
Call of Duty: Mobile | CBR4CBR4
Call of Duty Mobile: MX9 SMG - zilliongamerMX9308645
Call of Duty Mobile: PP19 Bizon SMG - zilliognamerPP19 Bizon388062
Call of Duty Mobile: QXR SMG - zilliognamerQXR388062
Call of Duty Mobile AGR 556 - zilliongamerAGR 556407537
Call of Duty Mobile: Fennec SMG- zilliongamerFennec3811122
Call of Duty Mobile: QQ9 or MP5 SMG- zilliongamerQQ9 or MP5408338
Call of Duty Mobile: Cordite SMG- zilliongamerCordite398047
Call of Duty Mobile: GKS SMG- zilliongamerGKS 436062
Call of Duty Mobile: Pharo SMG - zilliongamerPharo 496849
Call of Duty Mobile: Razorback SMG - zilliongamerRazorback427549
Call of Duty Mobile: PDW-57 SMG - zilliongamerPDW-57427549
Call of Duty Mobile: AKS-74U SMG - zilliongamerRUS-79U437751
Call of Duty Mobile: MSMC SMG - zilliongamerMSMC409237
Call of Duty Mobile: HG40 SMG - zilliongamerHG40406762
Call of Duty Mobile: Chicom SMG - zilliongamerChicom426263

Submachine Gun Information

Weapon Features

High damage in close range: SMGs deal very high damage but only provide full effect in close range combat.

High Mobility: SMGs has high mobility which is good for aggressive playstyle.

Weapon Guides

Run & Gun: Thanks to the weapon high mobility you can run and shoot at your enemy and make yourself harder to get hit at the same time.

Hip Fire: Hip fire is really useful for SMGs because in most situation you will face your enemy in close range.

Reduce reload time: Attach with quickdraw mag attachment to reduce SMGs reload time.

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    I am really sorry for bothering you once again. This is like the best place to come to for information about events, new guns and knives, and many others. Is this a good loadout for the BK57? Attachments are red dot sight, fmj, foregrip, and stock with lightwieght, toughness, and dead silence.
    • Ratanak

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      Hi Resseso, That is one of the best attachments for BK57 right now and use by a lot of high rank player as well.
    • Ratanak

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      and the red perk can also be agile instead of lightweight base on your playstyle.
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