Razorback Stats, Attachment, & Skin

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Weapon Overview

You need to reach player level 55 to unlock Razorback smg.

Razorback SMG in Call of Duty Mobile.

Razorback is a submachine gun that has very high damage and has medium rate of fire, this smg reach it max potential in close range combat and can also out clash some assault rifle as well thanks to it low recoil.

Razorback Weapon Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Range, Mobility

Note: This is a fresh stats of Razorback which means that 0 attachment is being equipped to the weapon.

RazorbackStats & Tier
Fire Rate:75

Best Gun in Season 13 Tier List

Attachment Guide - The Best Attachment for Razorback

This is our recommendation on picking the best attachments for Razorback smg in COD Mobile.

  • Barrel: OWC Marksman.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.
  • Stock: YKM Combat Stock.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A.

This Razorback attachments class setup increase accuracy, mobility, range, and controls without reducing any other stats.

Best Razorback Gunsmith Loadouts

Here are the stats after attaching the attachments above:

Fire Rate:75

Gunsmith Attachements Detail

Razorback Skin - Advantage, Price, & How To Get

Weapon skin makes your gun look nice and also provide some advantage to you as well. Here are all the Razorback skins in Call of Duty Mobile:

Razorback - Necessary Diplomacy

Razorback Skin: Necessary Diplomacy in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Necessary Diplomacy
Rarity: Legendary
How to get Razorback - Necessary Diplomacy: Unlock this skin in DÉTENTE Draw.

Razorback - Winterwood

Razorback Skin: Winterwood in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Winterwood
Rarity: Rare
Unlock: Series 8 Multiplayer Ranked (Rookie 2).

Razorback - Noir

Razorback Skin: Noir in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Noir
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Phase Shift Crate

Razorback - Ruby

Razorback Skin: Ruby in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Ruby
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Knight Divided Featured Event (S12).

Razorback - Sapphire

Razorback Skin: Sapphire in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Sapphire
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Knights Divided Featured Event (S12).

Razorback Wicked Whisper

Razorback Skin: Wicked Whisper in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Razorback Wicked Whisper
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Thorned Rose Draw.

Razorback Anniversary

Razorback Skin: Anniversary in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Anniversary
Rarity: Rare
Unlock: COD Mobile Anniversary Event.

Razorback Freight Train

Razorback Skin: Freight Train in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Freight Train
Rarity: Rare
Unlock: Blood Thirsty Featured Event (S10).

Razorback Wrath Black & Gold

Razorback Skin: Wrath Black & Gold in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Wrath Black & Gold
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Unlock Razorback in Wrath Draw Redux.

Razorback Dark Matter

Razorback Skin: Dark Matter in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Dark Matter
Price: N/A
Weapon Skin Advantage:

  • Double kills will add some bullets into the clip instantly.
  • Your kills are broadcasted with effects.

How to get Razorback Dark Matter: Unlock in Razorback - Dark Matter Weapon Crate.

Razorback Cosmos

Razorback Skin: Cosmos in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Cosmos
Price: N/A
Weapon Skin Advantage:

  • Double kills will add some bullets into the clip instantly.
  • Your kills are broadcasted with effects.

How to get Razorback Cosmos: Participate in Cosmos Chance lucky draw.

Razorback Sewed Snake

COD Mobile Razorback Sewed Snake - zilliongamer

Name: Sewed Snake
Rarity: Rare (Blue).

How to get Razorback Sewed Snake: Unlock Razorback Sewed Snake in Trench Boom Seasonal event of Season 9.

Razorback Eagle Feather

COD Mobile Razorback Eagle Feather - zilliongamer

Name: Eagle Feather
Rarity: Uncommon (Green).

How to get Razorback Eagle Feather: Unlock Razorback Eagle Feather in Trench Boom Seasonal event of Season 9.

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