Pharo Stats, Attachment, & Skin

Find out Pharo Smg, stats, Pick the best attachment, and weapon skin advantage here.

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Weapon Overview

You need to reach player level 36 to unlock Pharo smg.

Visit the guide of Pharo SMG in Call of Duty Mobile.

Pharo is in the submachine gun weapon class of Call of Duty Mobile that has very high damage and high fire rate which is very good to use in close range combat for both aggressive and defensive techniques. Pharo has impressive stats and is considered to be one of the best guns in the COD Mobile.

Pharo Weapon Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Range, Mobility

Note: This is a fresh stats for Pharo smg which means that zero attachment is being equipped to the weapon.

Fire Rate:68

Best gun in Call of Duty Mobile

Attachment Guide - The Best Attachment for Pharo

This is our recommendation on picking the best attachment for Pharo in Call of Duty Mobile.

  • Barrel: MIP Light Barrel (Short).
  • Stock: YKM Combat Stock.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.
  • Ammunition: 44 Round Extended Mag.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

This Pharo attachment class setup increase overall mobility and reduce accuracy and controls.

Here is the stats change after using the attachments above:

Fire Rate:68

Gunsmith Attachements Detail

Pharo Skin - Perks Advantages, Price, & How To Get

Weapon skin makes your gun look nice and also provides some perks advantages for you as well. Here are all the Pharo skins in Call of Duty Mobile.

Pharo - Geometry

Pharo Skin: Geometry in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Geometry
Rarity: Epic

How to get Pharo Geometry: Unlock this skin in Sigma Crate.

Pharo - Pharaoh

Pharo Skin: Pharaoh in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Pharaoh
Rarity: Epic
How to get Pharo - Pharaoh: Unlock this skin in S6 Credit Store.

Pharo - Echolocation

Pharo Skin: Echolocation in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Echolocation.
Rarity: Epic.
Unlock: Underwater Demolition Crate.

Pharo - Cruise Missile

Pharo Skin: Cruise Missile in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Cruise Missle
Rarity: Epic
Unlock: Paratrooper Crate

Pharo - Brushed Red

Pharo Skin: Brushed Red in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Brushed Red
Rarity: Uncommon (Green).
Unlock: Quartermaster Crate.

Pharo - Record Scratch

Pharo Skin: Record Scratch in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Record Scratch
Rarity: Camo (Green).
How to unlock Pharo Record Scratch: Get Pharo Record Scratch in Stashed Cache Crate.

Pharo - Turquoise

Pharo Skin: Turquoise in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Turquoise
Price: 3000 Credits.
Weapon skin advantage:

  • Kills increases reload speed.

Pharo - Wrecked

Pharo Skin: Sight Wrecked in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Wrecked
Price: N/A
Weapon skin advantage: Kills increase reload speed.

How to get Pharo Wrecked: Unlock Pharo Wrecked in Battle Pass Season 8 Premium Tier 39.

Pharo - Sight Unseen

Pharo Skin: Sight Unseen in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Sight Unseen
Price: N/A
Weapon skin advantage: Kills increase reload speed.

How to get Pharo Sight Unseen: Unlock Pharo Sight Unseen in Survival of the Fittest Seasonal quest Season 8.

Pharo - Calcuim Chloride

Pharo Skin: Calcuim Chloride in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Calcuim Chloride
Price: N/A
Weapon skin advantage: N/A
How to get Pharo Calcuim Chloride: Unlock Pharo Calcuim Chloride in Hot Spot crate.

Pharo - Corpse Digger

Pharo Skin: Corpse Digger in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Corpse Digger
Price: N/A
Weapon skin advantage: N/A

How to get Pharo - Corpse Digger: Unlock Pharo Corpse Digger in Graveyard Crate.

Pharo - Danger Zone

Pharo Skin: Danger Zone in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Danger Zone
Price: N/A
Weapon skin advantages:

  • Kills increase reload speed.

How to get Pharo - Danger Zone: Unlock Pharo Danger Zone in Monthly login calender day 29th.

Pharo - Mirage

Pharo Skin: Mirage in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Mirage
Price: N/A
Weapon skin perks advantages:

  • Double kills instantly add bullets into clip.
  • Kills broadcast with effect.

How to get Pharo Mirage: Unlock Pharo Mirage by opening Desert Survival Crate.

Pharo - Bandit

Pharo Skin: Bandit in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Bandit
Price: N/A
Weapon skin perks advatanges:

  • Kills increases reload speed.

How to get Pharo Bandit: Unlock Pharon Bandit by completing Close Quarter Masters season quest.

Pharo - Dream Crystal

Pharo Skin: Dream Crystal in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Dream Crystal
Price: N/A
Weapon skin perks advantages:

  • Slightly minimize the spread of ammo when sliding and jumping.
  • Your kills are broadcasted with effects.
  • Death effect of Dream Crystal series weapons.

How to get Pharo Dream Crystal: Obtain the gun by open the Dream Crystal  Weapon Crate.

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      Hi Darrl, the best perk for Pharo is, Lightweight, Quickfix or Toughness , and Dead silence.

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