Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2022 Tier List

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COD Mobile Best Guns Season 8 Tier List - 2022

TierWeapon name
SS+Switchblade X9, Peacekeeper MK2, Kilo 141, QQ9, ZRG 20mm, DL Q33, KRM-262, SKS, RPD, PKM
SSM13, AS VAL, HVK-30, KSP 45, PPSh-41, Man-O-War, ASM10, AK-47, PP19 Bizon, CBR4, Locus, Koshka, SVD, Holger 26
SSwordfish, CR-56 AMAX, AK117, LK24, Fennec, GKS, QXR, Rytec AMR, Arctic.50, HS0405, BY15, M4LMG, Oden
AKN-44, HBRa3, BK57, Type 25, Razorback, MAC-10, DR-H, RUS-79U, MX9, HG 40, MSMC, FR.556, ICR-1, SP-R 208, Chicom, Pharo, Cordite, R9-0, Chopper, Hades
BM4, M16, AGR 556, PDW-57, JAK-12, Echo, MK2, M21 EBR, XPR-50, UL736, S36
CKilo Bolt-Action, Outlaw, Striker, NA-45, HS2126

Note: We've created this tier list result by testing all guns in training range.

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Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2022

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Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

Here's top 10 best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 2022:

  1. Switchblade X9
  2. Peacekeeper MK2
  3. Kilo 141
  4. QQ9
  5. ZRG 20mm
  6. DL Q33
  7. KRM-262
  8. SKS
  9. RPD
  10. PKM

Over 73 Call of Duty Mobile guns but only the best guns likes Switchblade X9, Peacekeeper MK2, Kilo 141, DL Q33, SKS, KRM-262 are use in high rank matches. Wonder why?

10. PKM

RPD: 10th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

The PKM is the second best LMG to use in Season 8 and overall rank 10th in our tier list. The PKM and RPD stats is very identical, the PKM actually have 1 higher damage than the RPD.

However, what make the PKM lose to the RPD is the performance itself such as bullet spread accuracy, higher recoil, and overall it just feel a little bit harder to use than the older brother RPD. 

Though if you like the PKM more than the RPD than there's nothing wrong because the gun actually have higher damage which mean it kill enemies faster but with the sacrifice of slower ADS speed and fire interval, you might lose some advantages.

Best PKM Loadout

9. RPD

RPD: 9th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

Ranking number 9 in our list is the RPD light machine gun as the best LMG that you can use in Season 8, the PKM come so close but there are some pros that make us choose RPD over PKM.

The RPD has better bullet spread which can make you hit your initial shots more accurate in medium range and also it has lower fire interval which make your shot his the target faster beside that they are on par.

The prime of range of RPD damage are from 0 to 25 meters before the bullet damage start to drop and the hitbox of RPD are pretty big, you deal the same 31 damage (0-25m) to Upper Chest, Stomach, and Upper Arm.

Overall, the RPD deserved to be the best light machine gun to use because it has good damage, high magazine size, and low vertical recoil compare to other LMGs out there.

Best RPD Loadout

8. SKS

SKS: 8th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

Moving away from LMGs, We have the SKS that rank number 8 in our list and it's the best marksman for this season, the SKS is a very fun gun to use when you get used to the single tap spam mechanic.

The SKS has a semi-automatic firing mode so don't try to use this gun as sniper rifle, slap a 3x on the optic or go full iron sight and just tap spam your target so that way the gun shoot more accurate and consistent.

What make use choose the SKS to be best out of it own marksman category is that this gun has very fast fire interval, great accuracy, and high mag capacity it also has fast ADS speed compare to their peers.

Best SKS Loadout

7. KRM-262

A real treat for shotgun main this season. If you currently main BY15 or HS0405 drop it and pick KRM-262 up.

KRM-262: 7th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

The KRM-262 is widely accepted as the best Shotgun in Season 8 by both Global and Garena version. It received a huge buffs such as Damage buffs, improved range, and improved hipfire accuracy.

The buffs is just what all the Shotgun main ever wanted, the KRM-262 now has the smallest hip fire spread out of all shotguns, and with that damage buff it can 1 shot enemies every easier than the previous season.

Prepare yourself to see even more shotgun main running and slaying around the map with KRM-262 because the gun is just that good to use.

Best KRM-262 Loadout

6. DL Q33

The King of Sniper just got DETHRONED!!! again.

DL Q33: 6th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

There's nothing wrong with the DL Q33, it doesn't get any nerfed, It's still overall the best Sniper to use however, the newest added Sniper in Season 8 is too overpowered and if it doesn't get nerfed any time soon, the DL Q33 will remained number 2 in our sniper list.

We didn't want to talk too much about this sniper because you are all already know that the DL Q33 is the best sniper way back since the OG Season 1, the beta of COD Mobile, and the day the game release globally.

During the DL Q33 reign it only been dethroned a couple time like back when Arctic 50 MIP Stopping Power Reload meta, the released of Locus and somewhat somehow the DL Q33 always climb back to top of our list as the most consistent sniper and the most used sniper in COD Mobile.

Like we said, there's nothing wrong with the Sniper itself, there's just a new Kid in town that are stronger and popular than our beloved right now. But for how long? we shall wait and see.

Best DL Q33 Loadout

Honorable Mentioned - M13

Before we getting into the most outrageous released weapon. We would like to give a honorable mentioned medal to the M13.

M13: Honorable Mentioned

The M13 has been on the top 3 of the assault rifle for multiple seasons in the past, the gun itself has low recoil, fast fire rate, and just generally a very good gun to use for close to medium range. However with a couple nerfs it received in the past, the gun just lost popularity and performance all at the same time.

Though not a lot of many players using the M13 anymore, and it's not as good as it was, it is still an old trusty gun that you can bring out to combat against all the new meta. An Ol' Reliable as we shall call it.

Best M13 Loadout

5. ZRG 20mm

ZRG 20mm: 5th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

Ranking in number 5 of our tier list, and number 1 in the Sniper list for Season 8, the ZRG 20mm is a pump up version of the Arctic 50 MIP Stopping Power Reload era, this gun hit like a truck in any range and 1 shot is all you needed no matter where you hit the enemies will get deleted.

But WAIT, just like the Arctic 50 MIP Stopping  Power Reload meta, the ZRG 20mm also required you to equipped it special magazine type to increase up to 100% Damage range, Damage, and Body part damage multiplier. That is very powerful even if you enemies are 90 meters away you can still 1 shot theme, that's like 2x NUKETOWN.

The ZRG 20mm Anti-Vehicle Mag is insanely overpowered and if you mainly play Battle Royale this attachments is even More overpowered all you need is build this sniper with the Mag and you'll increase up to 300% damage to any vehicle 300%.

What else can we say, the ZRG 20mm is the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 8 when you equipped it with the Anti-Vehicle Mag attachments equipped.

Best ZRG 20mm Loadout

4. QQ9

QQ9: 4th Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

The underdog has is coming back up once again, the QQ9 is rank as top 4 gun in our list and it is the second best SMG to use in Season 8, this run n gun SMG deal insanely high damage with extremely fast fire rate and ADS Speed plus the recoil is also manageable so beaming target at mid range is also doable.

Overall a great SMG that you should use if you are an aggressive players that like close quarter combat, run n gun, and creating chaos. This gun will fit your playstyle perfectly.

Best QQ9 Loadout

3. Kilo 141

Kilo 141: 3rd Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

First into the top 3 for this season is the Kilo 141, this assault rifle is still strong, still powerful and still can outgunned most other assault rifles in the game. Despite getting multiple nerfed it can still perform and give you those high accuracy shots, great damage, and good fire rate.

Like it's never got nerfed. The Kilo 141 still satisfy a lot of AR main that like using a great gun and don't worry about controlling recoil when shooting at close to medium target. The Kilo 141 is just right.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

2. Peacekeeper MK2

Peacekeeper MK2: 2nd Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

Two season back to back, the Peacekeeper MK2 is still the best assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 8, the gun deal high damage with very fast fire rate and it can outperform every other guns by far in any range.

So If in Season 7 you were mainly using the PK there's no reason to change your main because this gun still perform very strong in term of damage and accuracy. The recoil is also easy to control, and with our loadout we can help turned this gun even up a notch if you want.

Best Peacekeeper MK2 Loadout

1. Switchblade X9

Switchblade X9: Best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022

What did we said last season? With just a couple buffs needed for this gun to become on top of our list, and it did get the buffs. Switchblade X9 is the best gun in COD Mobile Season 8 2022 that has a variety powerful stats such as very high damage, fast mobility, and very quick ADS speed make for close to mid range combat.

The Switchblade X9 is like the QQ9 but on steroid, if you are an aggressive players, look no further you've found your gun. Enjoy!

Best Switchblade X9 Loadout

Weapon Tier Explained

We use Letter like "SS+, SS, S, A, B, C" to designate the weapon overall performance:

  • SS+: Top 10 Guns.
  • SS: Meta guns.
  • S: Best guns that are not Meta.
  • A: Great guns to use for fun.
  • B: Good guns with good performance.
  • C: Decent guns overall.

Overall, If you are trying to climb Series 4 2022 ranked using SS+ and SS guns are the best way to go, however if you are just wanting to have fun you can use the outside meta weapons.

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