Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 2022 Tier List

COD Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs is out now. Find the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 2022 here!

COD Mobile Best Guns Season 4 Tier List - 2022

TierWeapon name
SSMAC 10, CBR4, M13, Kilo 141, PPSh-41, Holger 26, Type 25, DL Q33,  Koshka, SVD, SKS, PKM, RPD, KRM-262
SFennec, Peacekeeper MK2, AS VAL, HVK-30, PP19 Bizon, QQ9, AK-47 ,RUS-79U, ICR-1, AK117, Locus, ASM10, QXR, R9-0, JAK-12
ALK24, Razorback, HBRa3, DR-H, SP-R 208, CR-56 AMAX, BK57, Man-O-War, Swordfish, M4, Arctic.50, FR.556, KN-44, M4LMG, Outlaw, Chopper, MX9, PDW-57, Cordite, Rytec AMR, HS0405, Hades
BChicom, MSMC, GKS, Pharo, AGR 556, HG 40, MK2, BY15, Kilo Bolt-Action, M21 EBR, XPR-50, UL736
CM16, S36, Echo
DNA-45, Striker, HS2126

Note: We've created this tier list result by testing all guns in training range.

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Season 4 2022 COD Mobile Best Guns - zilliongamer

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Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 4 2022

The top 13 best gun in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 2022 are:

  1. MAC 10
  2. CBR4
  3. M13
  4. Kilo 141
  5. PPSh-41
  6. Holger 26
  7. Type 25
  8. DL Q33
  9. Koshka
  10. SVD
  11. SKS
  12. PKM
  13. KRM-262

There are 69 Call of Duty Mobile guns but only the best guns likes MAC 10, CBR4, M13, Kilo 141, DL Q33, Koshka, SVD, SKS, PKM are use in high rank matches. Wonder why?

13. KRM-262

COD Mobile KRM-262 Skin: Waterproof - zilliongamer

KRM-262 is the best shotgun to use in Season 4, this shotgun can 1 shot enemy in close range when hitting the upper body part, with correct build you can 1 shot the enemy to a pretty long range.

Best KRM-262 Loadout

12. RPD

COD Mobile RPD Mainframe - zilliongamer

The second best LMG in Season 4 is the RPD, this gun deal very high damage and has good fire rate with decent accuracy, the recoil of the RPD is also very low which is useful for making plays like defending objective, or mow down multiple enemies with 1 mag.

Best RPD Loadout

11. PKM

CODM Skin: PKM - Red Nose Revenge.

The PKM is a very powerful Light machine gun that has low recoil control, fast fire rate, and great damage output for close, mid, and long range combat.

The accuracy of PKM is very high it can laser beam a target in any range with the low recoil control it is the best LMG that you can use in Season 4.

Best PKM Loadout

10. SKS

COD Mobile SKS Meteoric skin - zilliongamer

Ranking number 10 is the SKS, this marksman deal up to 60 damage when hitting the upper body damage and can 2 shots the enemy. However the SKS require some decent aim skill to hit the target.

The recoil of SKS is pretty bouncy which make spamming a little harder, however once you get used to tune of the gun you can main it.

Best SKS Loadout

9. SVD

COD Mobile SVD Stats, Attachment, & Skin - zilliongamer

Ranking number 9 in Season 4 is the SVD, a semi-auto sniper rifle that has a very high accuracy and stability when shooting at mid to long range targets.

The SVD is a very good sniper to use that can eliminate a target with 1 or 2 shots at any range and it also has great mobility for moving around the map.

Best SVD Loadout

Honorable Mentioned - Koshka

COD Mobile Koshka - Skiff Shot skin - zilliongamer

It is worth mention that the newest Sniper in Season 4 Koshka is a similar version to the DL Q33 that deal good damage with fast fire rate and great accuracy. However it follow the Locus footsteps which generate random hit marker in rando shot.

However, it is refreshing to see new Sniper added to the game. So you can give the Koshka a try if you want to!

Best Koshka Loadout

8. DL Q33

COD Mobile DL Q33 Doomed Chorus skin - zilliongamer

The best Sniper in COD Mobile is DL Q33, this sniper is very powerful that can 1 shot the target at any range when hitting the upper body area.

It also has very high accuracy and low scope in time, which is easy for long killstreak attempt.

Best DL Q33 Loadout

7. Type 25

COD Mobile Type 25 - Cindersmoke - zilliongamer

Despite getting nerf for this season, Type 25 is still consider one of the best Assault rifle to use, the nerf affect weapons recoil, damage range, and reload time.

When using Type 25 it is highly recommended to use the stopping power reload ammunition attachment to deal higher damage however the drawback is pretty high.

Best Type 25 Loadout

6. Holger 26

COD Mobile Weapon guide: Holger 26 - zilliongamer

Holger 26 is the best LMG in COD Mobile, this LMG deal up to 37 headshot and 31 to the body up to 20 meters range.

The Holger 26 has very fast time to kill with low recoil control, fast fire rate and it is very good to use for any range combat.

Best Holger 26 Loadout

5. PPSh-41

Call of Duty Mobile PPSh-41 SMG Guide - zilliongamer

PPSh-41 is a very good smg to use for close range combat with fast fire rate combine with good damage, this smg can eliminate the target very fast.

The PPSh-41 recoil is moderate which require some time to get used to and the accuracy is decent after 10 meters.

Best PPSh-41 Loadout

4. Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 is the best assault rifle in COD Mobile when it come to mid range combat.

Visit guide of Kilo 141 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile.

It is hard to beat the Kilo 141 in mid range, especially after the Season 2 buffs to the gun which improve the stability when firing.

The Kilo 141 recoil also receive a buff that make the gun even easier to use than the original release version.

Despite getting the mag nerf in Season 3, the Kilo 141 is still one of the best assault rifle to use that can outperformance other guns.

Kilo 141 getting nerf once again in Season 4 this time getting Damage multiplier to the Head and shooting range reduced.

Best Kilo 141 Loadout

3. M13

The M13 is the best assault rifle in COD Mobile when it come to close range combat.

Call of Duty Mobile M13 - zilliongamer

The M13 has extremely fast fire rate and a high headshot multiplier which can kill an enemy very quick if landing 1 headshot and 3 body shots.

The recoil of the M13 is very low and easy to control so taking mid to long range fight is not much of a problem either for this weapon.

Best M13 Loadout


2. CBR4

COD Mobile CBR4 Stats, Attachment, & Skin - zilliongamer

CBR4 is the second best SMG in COD Mobile that has great damage and extremely fast fire rate which can kill the target very fast.

The recoil is also very low and easy to use for long time firing in close to mid range target.

Best CBR4 Loadout

1. MAC 10

MAC 10 is the newest SMG that just release in Season 3 and it is already the best when it come to close range.

COD Mobile MAC 10 Stats, Attachment, & Skin - zilliongamer

The MAC 10 has really high damage and extremely fast fire rate, it also has a great strafe speed and ads speed which make close range combat very powerful.

The recoil of the MAC 10 is moderate and require sometime to get use to the pattern, and then you will see it highest potential.

Best MAC 10 Loadout

Weapon Tier Explained

We use Letter like "SS, S, A, B, C, D" to designate the weapon overall performance:

  • SS: Meta guns.
  • S: Best guns that are not Meta.
  • A: Great guns to use for fun.
  • B: Good guns with good performance.
  • C: Decent guns overall.
  • D: Decent performance guns.

Overall, If you are trying to climb Series 2 2022 ranked using SS guns are the best way to go, however if you are just wanting to have fun you can use the outside meta weapons.

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