Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 9 2022

Call of Duty Mobile just drop Season 9: Zombies Are Back with a good amount of top weapons getting nerfed and adjustments to shake up the meta.

Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 9 2022

We've seen the CBR4 go up and down, similar to Holger 26, and most importantly the Krig 6 that just release with the new update. This article will walk you through all the best weapons in Season 9 that you should try out!

Here are 7 of the best guns in COD Mobile Season 9

  1. Switchblade X9
  2. Krig 6
  3. SKS
  4. ZRG 20mm
  5. KRM-262
  6. RPD
  7. Holger 26

With the meta change we still see the consistency of Switchblade X9 and Kilo 141 standing on top 3 still however, the new Krig 6 and the buff of CBR4 & Holger 26 also appear back in the meta.

Here are the best gun in each weapon class of COD Mobile Season 9

In this part we pick out the best gun from each weapon class and explain why they are leading the meta and which weapon fit your playstyle the most.

Switchblade X9

Switchblade is the best SMG in COD Mobile Season 9, this SMG can outclass almost every other weapons in close range combat.

Switchblade X9: Best SMG in COD Mobile

The Switchblade X9 deal high damage with very fast fire rate and great accuracy, plus it can use for mid range without getting a huge recoil penalty when spraying at the target.

The Switchblade X9 is a complete package for those who main the SMG that play aggressive playstyle, going for multiple kills, rushing, run and guns in close range.

Best Switchblade X9 Loadout

Krig 6

The new assault rifle Krig 6 is the best gun in COD Mobile Season 9 that should try out. This AR is very good for close to mid range combat.

Krig 6: Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile

The Krig 6 has an impressive stats and performance, the gun deal high damage (can 3 shots) with fast fire rate, and low recoil control make it the best gun to use for medium range combat.

The Krig 6 fit perfectly for those that like playing tactical, holding position before rushing, and provide long range support for their team.

Best Krig 6 Loadout


The best Marksman in COD Mobile Season 9 is the SKS, this 2 tap marksman is a beast for any ranges combat but it's not as easy to master.

SKS: Best Marksman in COD Mobile

The SKS deal very high damage with decent fire rate and good accuracy, this is a semi-auto gun which require you to single tap to fire your shot, however when you get used to firing this gun you will be impress by how quick you can kill an enemy with the SKS. Tips: Try hitting your shot at the torso hitbox to output maximum damage.

The SKS can fit for all playstyles that you can think of, close range aggressive, mid to long range passive, it can perform well regarding of your playstyles.

Best SKS Loadout

ZRG 20mm

ZRG 20mm is the best sniper in COD Mobile Season 9, this sniper checks all the boxes for long range combat.

ZRG 20mm: Best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile

The ZRG 20mm can 1 shot enemy when your shot hit the upper body hitbox, it is a very good sniper for Battle Royale because most gunfight happen in mid to long range, try to land that headshot to guaranteed your kill even your enemy have full armor.

The ZRG 20mm can't go wrong for those who like to get a long range kills or mid range 1 shot, it is very powerful in the right hand.

Best ZRG 20mm Loadout


KRM-262 is the best shotgun in COD Mobile Season 9, no weapons can outperform KRM-262 in point blank range.

KRM-262: Best Shotgun in COD Mobile

The KRM-262 is the best shotgun for both Multiplayer and Battle Royale, it deal extremely high damage when the enemy is at point blank range, it can 1 shot the enemy easily and also you have great mobility when using the KRM-262, you don't even need to ADS to land all your shot. That is how good the KRM is.

For those who like the close quarter gunfight that heavily relies hip fire the KRM-262 is for you because if you miss 1 shot there's a high chance that you'll get eliminated.

Best KRM 262 Loadout


The best LMG in COD Mobile Season 9 is the RPD. Despite Holger 26 buffed, the RPD still come out on top as the meta for mid to long range.

RPD: Best LMG in COD Mobile

The RPD deal good damage, fast fire rate, and high accuracy. What make this gun good is the high mag size that allows you to lock down a position all by yourself or provide long range suppression fire when your team rushing the enemy position.

If you like to play as a supporter that watch over your team from spawn or base, the RPD is the right gun for you.

Best RPD Loadout

Wrap Up Season 9 Meta

In Conclusion, the best weapon for Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 seems to only change in the top 3 with the introduction of Krig 6 to shake up the assault rifle meta, beside that we still see the same weapons in Season 8 dominate the top meta.