Best Switchblade X9 loadout for COD: Mobile

Find Switchblade X9 guide in Call of Duty: Mobile featuring best attachments, perks, stats, skin blueprints here.

Switchblade X9 Overview

You can unlock Switchblade X9 in Season 7 Battle pass tier 21.

COD Mobile Switchblade X9 Stats, Attachments, & Skins

Switchblade X9 is SMG that release in COD Mobile Season 7. The X9 is a good SMG that deal 27 damage with extremely fast fire rate and high mobility, great for close range run n gun.

Switchblade X9 Damage Multiplier

The Switchblade X9 has 1.3x Head & Neck damage multiplier, 1.2x Upper Chest, 1.1x Upper Arm, and 0.9x to Stomach, Legs, & Lower Arm.

When using Switchblade X9 we recommend you to hit the upper body damage most of the time to get that 4 shots kill, if you manage to hit 1 headshot there is a possibilities to reduce the time to kill.

Best Switchblade X9 Loadout - Attachments Guide

We know that this SMG is a prime close range run n gun so when building the attachments for it we focus on improve the gun overall accuracy, recoil control, and improve the damage range.

Here's the best Switchblade X9 loadout in COD Mobile:

  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor.
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel.
  • Stock: YKM Light Stock.
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.

This is by far the best Switchblade X9 attachments that we recommend, it helps silence gun firing noise, improve bullet spread accuracy, damage range, lower recoil control, and better ADS strafe speed.

Note: This is the latest and best Switchblade X9 attachments in COD Mobile Season 11 that you can use to win a lot of close to mid range gunfight.

Switchblade X9 Weapon Stats

Note: This is the Switchblade X9 Weapon stats change after using our recommend loadout:

Switchblade X9Stats & Tier
Fire Rate:85

Best Switchblade X9 Perks

Here is our recommendation on choosing the best perks to go with our Switchblade X9 loadout:

Light Weight perk in Call of Duty Mobile.LightweightSprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.
Toughness perk in Call of Duty Mobile.ToughnessFlinch when being shot is reduced by 60%.
Hardline perk in Call of Duty Mobile.HardlineIncreases points earned from killing enemies by 25%.

Using these perks can improve your mobility, reduces a majority of hit flinch when getting shot at, and boost your scorestreak progression.

Switchblade X9 Skins & Blueprints List

In COD Mobile Skins and Blueprints add an artistic look to the gun, make the gun shape unique, and improve your experience with the weapon. Find Switchblade X9 skins in COD Mobile here:

Switchblade X9 - Firefly Summer

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Firefly Summer - zilliongamer

Name: Firefly Summer
Rarity: Rare

How to get Switchblade X9 Firefly Summer: Unlock this skin in Sessions Over Crate.

Switchblade X9 - Shiny Scales

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Shiny Scales - zilliongamer

Name: Shiny Scales
Rarity: Uncommon

How to get Switchblade X9 Shiny Scales: Unlock this skin in Artist Lucky Box.

Switchblade X9 - Shocking Truth

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Shocking Truth - zilliongamer

Name: Shocking Truth
Rarity: Epic

How to get Switchblade X9 Shocking Truth: Unlock this skin in Magenta Shocks Draw.

Switchblade X9 - Neon Oni

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Neon Oni - zilliongamer

Name: Neon Oni
Rarity: Epic

How to get Switchblade X9 Neon Oni: Unlock this skin in Cyber Oni Lucky Box.

Switchblade X9 - Bun Bun

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Bun Bun - zilliongamer

Name: Bun Bun
Rarity: Rare

How to get Switchblade X9 Bun Bun: Unlock this skin in Opera Blues Lucky Box.

Switchblade X9 - Tarnished Veil

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Tarnished Veil - zilliongamer

Name: Tarnished Veil
Rarity: Rare

How to get Switchblade X9 Tarnished Veil: Unlock this skin in S2 2023 BP Free tier 1.

Switchblade X9 - Neon Legend

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Neon Legend - zilliongamer

Rarity: Mythic

How to get Switchblade X9 Neon Legend: Unlock this skin in SAC_2045 Mythic Drop.

Switchblade X9 - Kyoto Steel

COD Mobile Skin: Switchblade X9 Kyoto Steel - zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic

How to get Switchblade X9 Kyoto Steel: Unlock this skin in S7 Battle Pass Premium tier 50.

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