The Best Tec-9 Loadout for COD Mobile

The TEC-9 is a SMG in CODM releases in Season 3 2024. This SMG has multiple fire modes, semi-auto, burst, and fully automatic. Experimenting with attachments will be crucial to unlock its strengths. If you're looking for guidance, here are some of the best Tec-9 loadout in COD Mobile to try out.

Epic version of Tec-9 in COD MobileEpic version of Tec-9 in Season 3 BP Tier 50.

The default TEC-9 fire mode is semi-auto, and it has a relatively slow fire rate. This can negatively impact your TTK (time-to-kill). We strongly recommend experimenting with either burst or full-auto modes to increase the TEC-9's effectiveness in COD Mobile. Depending on your preferred firing mode, here are the best TEC-9 attachments in COD Mobile Season 3.

Best COD Mobile Tec-9 loadout attachments (Burst)

  • Muzzle: Burst Fire Repeater.
  • Barrel: 5.8" Extended.
  • Stock: Raider Stock.
  • Laser Sight: Aim Assist Laser.
  • Magazine: Fast Extended Mag.

We start with the Burst Fire Repeater for a tighter burst and faster fire rate, though it reduces damage range. The 5.8" Extended Barrel compensates with increased bullet velocity. The Raider Stock keeps us mobile with faster ADS movement and sprint-to-fire.

Best Tec-9 Loadout for COD Mobile

To balance the stock's hip-fire accuracy penalty, we add the Aim Assist Laser. Finally, the Fast Extended Mag boosts ammo capacity and reload speed, important for a burst-fire weapon. While ADS time suffers slightly, the overall build excels in aggressive close-mid range play.

Loadout Tips

You can replace Fast Extended Mag for Extended Mag if you feels like the ADS is too slow for you.

If you want to use any Optic, you can replace Laser Sight, however you will lose some bullet spread accuracy.

Best Tec-9 loadout (Full Auto)

  • Muzzle: Full Auto Repeater.
  • Barrel: 5.8" Extended.
  • Stock: Raider Stock.
  • Grip: Striker Foregrip.
  • Magazine: Extended Mag.

We equip the Full Auto Repeater for a significant fire rate boost, even with the damage and recoil downsides. The 5.8" Extended Barrel counters the lost range and improves bullet velocity.

Tec-9 Full Auto Loadout for COD Mobile

The Raider Stock keeps us fast with increased ADS movement speed and reduced sprint-to-fire delay, offsetting some hip-fire inaccuracy. The Striker Foregrip further enhances mobility with slight buffs to movement and ADS speeds.

Finally, while the Extended Mag slightly slows our reload, the extra ammo is worth it for the increased aggression full-auto play enables. This build sacrifices some accuracy and range for pure close-quarters aggression.

Loadout Tips

You can replace Extended Mag for Fast Extended Mag if you're willing to sacrifice some ADS (Aim down speed).

You can also replace Striker Foregrip for any optic if you don't like the default Tec-9's iron sight but you'll also lose slight mobility for this swap.

Best COD Mobile Tec-9 Perks Combination

  • Red Perk: Lightweight.
  • Green Perk: Quick Fix.
  • Blue Perk: High Alert.

These TEC-9 perks thrive on aggressive play. Lightweight will boost your speed, allowing for faster flanking maneuvers. Quick Fix ensures you can quickly recover health after close-quarters engagements. Finally, High Alert helps you stay aware of potential threats, preventing surprise attacks from flankers while you focus on your fast-paced playstyle.

How to get Tec-9 in COD Mobile

You can unlock the TEC-9 by reaching Tier 21 on the free tier of the Season 3 'Vintage Vigilance' Battle Pass.

Tec-9 Skins Rarity & How to get

Find all Tec-9 available skins in COD Mobile, their rarity, and how to get all skins here.

Tec-9 - Film Noir

COD Mobile Tec-9 Skin: Film Noir - zilliongamer

Rarity: Legendary.

How to get Tec-9 Film Noir: Unlock this skin in Shutterbug Draw.

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