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Here is everything that you need to know about Throwable items (Grenade) in Call of Duty Mobile. Find out about it more!

There are throwable types in Call of Duty Mobile such as Lethal grenade and tactical grenade with a total of 8 throwables combine together.

Lethal Throwable List

Call of Duty Mobile | Sticky Grenade - zilliongamerSitcky grenadeA grenade that sticks to surfaces before detonating.
Call of Duty Mobile | Frag Grenade - zilliongamerFrag grenadeExplodes after a short delay.
Call of Duty Mobile | Trip Mine - zilliongamerTrip mineMagnetic mine that detonates when an enemy trips that laser trigger.

Use lethal grenade to deal damage or expose enemy position. The radius of throwing grenade is long, try to jump before throw to boost the grenade radius.

Lethal Throwable Damage

Sticky grenade:70
Frag grenade:70
Trip mine:65

Tactical Throwable List

Call of Duty Mobile | Flash Bang - zilliongamerFlash bangDevice that blind and deafens the target when detonated.
Call of Duty Mobile | Smoke Grenade - zilliongamerSmoke grenadeGrenade that creates a smokescreen when detonated.
Call of Duty Mobile | Concussion Grenade - zilliongamerConcussion grenadeDisorients and slow enemy movement speed.
Call of Duty Mobile | EMP Grenade - zilliongamerEMPDamage and disables nearby mechanized enemy unites and equipment.
Call of Duty Mobile | Trophy System - zilliongamerTrophy SystemAdeployable autonomous defense system that destroys incoming explosives.

Tactical grenade can be used in a lot of ways such as rushing, holding position, creating space, protection and a lot more.

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