Chopper Stats, Attachment, & Skins

View all info of Chopper LMG in COD Mobile here! Find the Chopper best attachment class setup, stats, and all the skin advantage.

Chopper Overview

To unlock Chopper LMG you need to complete K/O Critical event or Chain Reaction draw.

Chopper LMG | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

Chopper is in LMG class of COD Mobile, Chopper has high damage, very fast fire rate, and good accuracy, the gun has low recoil, and can use in any range. Overall the Chopper LMG is a high versatility gun to use.

Chopper Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range

Chopper LMGStats & Tier
Fire Rate:75

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Chopper Class Setup - The Best Attachment for Chopper

Here is a recommendation on building the best attachment for Chopper LMG class:

  • Muzzle: OWC Light Suppressor.
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.
  • Ammunition: 120 Round Reload.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

This Chopper attachment class setup increase accuracy, mobility, controls,and decrease range.

Here is the stats change after using the attachments above:

Chopper LMGStats & Tier
Fire Rate:75

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Best Perk for Chopper LMG

Here is the recommendation for Chopper perk class setup:

Light Weight perk in Call of Duty Mobile.LightweightSprinting speed increased by 10%.
Toughness perk in Call of Duty Mobile.ToughnessReduces flinch from damage received by 60%.
Dead Silence perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Dead SilenceSilent movement.

This perk class improve Chopper lmg sprinting speed, aim punch, and no footstep when move around.

Chopper Skin - Perks, Price, & How to get

Weapon skins make your gun look nicer and provide extra perks when using the skin. Here  are all Chopper LMG skins in Call of Duty Mobile:

Chopper - Fortress

COD Mobile Chopper - Fortress skin - zilliongamer

Name: Fortress
Rarity: Blueprint (Epic)
How to get Chopper Fortress: Unlock Chopper Fortress by reaching Tier 1 in Season 9 Premium Battle Pass.

Chopper - Chain Reaction

COD Mobile Chopper - Chain Reaction skin - zilliongamer

Name: Chain Reaction
Price: N/A
Skin perks:

  • Kills don't reveal victim's location.
  • Kills broadcast with effects.
  • Turn enemies into liquit.

How to get Chopper - Chain Reaction: Unlock Chopper chain reaction in Chain reaction lucky draw.

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