ICR-1 Stats, Attachment, & Skin

Find out ICR-1 Assault Rifle Stats, Pick the best attachment, and Special weapon skin advantage here.

Weapon Overview

You need to unlock ICR-1 assault rifle via platinum season crate for now.

Visit the guide of ICR-1 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile.

ICR-1 is an assault rifle that has extremely high accuracy, medium fire rate and good damage, with fully equipped attachment you barely notice the recoil of the gun. ICR-1 is the second new weapons in COD Mobile.

ICR-1 Weapon Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Range, & Mobility

Note: This is a fresh stats for ICR-1 which mean that 0 attachment is being equipped to the weapon.

ICR-1Stats & Tier
Fire rate:57

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Attachment Guide - The Best Attachment for ICR-1

For ICR-1 there are 4 attachment slots for you to equip. 1 slot is strictly for optic or scope and 3 other slots you can equip any attachment to make your gun become stronger.

Here is our recommendation on picking the best attachment for ICR-1 assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile.

Red Dot Sight | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerRed Dot sightPrecision red dot sight.
FMJ | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerFMJIncreases material penetration.
Foregrip | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerForegripReduced recoil while aiming down the sights.
Stock | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerStockIncreases move speed while aiming.

Here are the stats after attaching with Red Dot sight, FMJ, Foregrip, and Stock.

Fire Rate:57
  • Damage +10 by FMJ.
  • Accuracy: +10 by Forgrip.
  • Mobility +10 by Stock.
  • Range +5 by Red Dot sight.

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ICR-1 Skin - Advantages, Price, & How to get

Weapon skin makes your gun look nice and also provide some effect and advantages to you as well. Here are all ICR-1 skins in Call of Duty Mobile:

ICR-1 Lava

Lava ICR-1 Skin in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Lava
Price: N/A
Gun Skin Advantage:

  • [zombie] Landing a headshot will launch a small rocket. Every two headshots reserves on Rocket.
  • [zombie] Launch the reserved Rockets to a fixed position.
  • [mp] Increases weapon firing range.
  • [mp] Your kills are broadcasted with effects.

ICR-1 Meteors

Call of Duty Mobile ICR-1: Meteors - zilliongamer

Name: Meteors
Price: 3000 Credits
Weapon skin advantage: Increase movement speed for a limited time when respawning.
How to get ICR-1 Meteors? Unlock ICR-1 Meteors in Credits store.

ICR-1 Dark Matter

Darm matter ICR-1 Skin in Call of Duty Mobile.

Name: Dark Matter
Price: N/A
Gun Skin Advantage:

  • Increases weapon firing range .
  • Your kills are broadcasted with effects.

How to get ICR-1 Dark matter: Unlock in Season Platinum Crate.

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