HVK-30 Stats, Attachment, & Skin

View all info of HVK-30 assault rifle in COD Mobile here and know the HVK-30 best attachment and all the skin advantage.

HVK-30 Overview

You need to reach player level 14 to unlock HVK-30 assault rifle.

HVK-30 Assault Rifle | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

HVK-30 is in assault rifle class of COD Mobile, HVK-30 has high damage, extremely fast fire rate, and tight hip accuracy, overall a very good accuracy gun to tuse. HVK-30 is the newest gun in COD Mobile Season 5.

HVK-30 Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range

HVK-30Stats & Tier
Fire Rate:71

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HVK-30 Loadout - The Best Attachment For HVK-30

Here is a recommendation on building the best attachment for HVK-30 assault rifle:

  • Optic: Classic Red Dot Sight.
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip.
  • Stock: YKM Light Stock.
  • Ammunition: Fast Reload.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

This HVK-30 attachments class setup improve mobility and controls and reduce accuracy.

Here is the stats change after using the attachments above:

Fire Rate:71

Best Perks For HVK-30

Here is the recommendation for the best perk of HVK-30 class:

Agile perk in Call of Duty Mobile.AgileAiming time of weapons after sprint reduced by 85%.
Toughness perk in Call of Duty Mobile.ToughnessReduces players flinch when being shot by 60%.
Dead Silence perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Dead SilenceSilent movement

HVK-30 Skin - Perks, Price, & How to Get

Weapon skins make your gun look nicer and provide extra perks when using the skin as well. Here are all the HVK-30 skins in Call of Duty Mobile.

HVK-30 Pseudoscience

COD Mobile HVK-30 Pseudoscience skin - zilliongamer

Name: Pseudoscience.
Rarity: Epic (Purple).
Unlock: Covert Crate

HVK-30 Corroded

HVK-30 Corroded Skin | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Corroded
Price: N/A
Skin perks: N/A

How to get HVK-30 Corroded: Unlock HVK-30 Corroded in Death Metal Crate.

HVK-30 Chrome Wave

HVK-30 Chrome Wave Skin | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Chrome Wave
Price: N/A
Skin perks:

  • Increases weapon firing range.
  • Kills broadcasted with effects.

How to get HVK-30 Chrome Wave: Unlock HVK-30 Chrome Wave in Solid Core Crate.

HVK-30 Isometric

HVK-30 Isometric Skin | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Isometric
Price: N/A
Skin perks:

  • Respawning breifly increases movement speed.

How to get HVK-30 Isometric: Unlock HVK-30 Isometric in Super Soldier season 7 event.

HVK-30 Eruption

HVK-30 Eruption Skin | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Eruption
Price: 1470 CP
Skin perks:

  • Increases weapon firing range.
  • Your kills are broadcasted with effects.

How to get HVK-30 Eruption: Buy No Smoking Bundle in Store of COD Mobile Season 5.

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End of HVK-30 Guide in COD Mobile

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