The Best BP50 Loadout for COD Mobile

In COD Mobile, BP50 is an assault rifle released in Season 6 2024. Find this weapon key features, best loadouts, and perks down below.

How to get BP50 in COD Mobile

  • Base Version: Reach Tier 21 in the Season 6 Battle Pass (free).
  • Epic Skin: Reach Tier 50 in the Season 6 Premium Battle Pass (paid).

The CODM Season 6 Battle Pass "Synthwave Showdown" start from June 26 at 5PM PT.

BP50 Key Features

BP50 | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

The BP50 is a versatile assault rifle that known for it fast fire rate with good mobility and low recoil control. This AR require 5 shots to eliminate an enemy with the default build.

Our loadout can turn the BP50 into a consistent 4 shots weapon that you can use for both aggressive and passive playstyle.

Best BP50 Loadout in COD Mobile

BP50Attachments Details
Maxim Silencer | BP50 | COD MobileMaxim SilencerMaxim Silencer is a good muzzle for BP50 to silenced the weapon when firing and increase bullet spread when aiming down sight (ADS).
LEROY 438mm Rapid | BP50 | COD MobileLEROY 438mm RapidThis is a great barrel to increase BP50 body part damage multiplier and increase the fire interval make the gun firing even faster.
Removed Stock | BP50 | COD MobileRemoved StockBy equip the Removed Stock, you will see your movement speed improve a lot, it's because this gun removed stock offers faster ADS time and extra Movement speed.
7.62x54MMR 30 Round Mags | BP50 | COD Mobile7.62x54MMR 30 Round MagsThis ammunition attachment increase BP50 damage range, body part damage multiplier and bullet penetration. It's only has 30 ammo per mag.
Stippled Grip | BP50 | COD MobileStippled GripThe Stippled Grip increase the bullet spread during ADS big time, make the BP50 very accurate in each shot.

How to use this BP50 loadout

In order to play the above BP50 loadout effectively you need to play very aggressive which mean run and gun around the map a lot.

We have buff the weapon fire rate, body part damage multiply, and the recoil is still very controllable so when you face your enemy in close range, you are most likely walking out as a winner.

You have to be fully aware of the ammo, the BP50 has very fast fire rate so the ammo in the magazine will run out quick. Reload every one or two kills.

Try to aim at the chest area, upper chest if you can, so that you will get guaranteed 4 shots up medium range.

Alternative BP50 Loadout Attachments

BP50Attachments Details
Recoil Booster | BP50 | COD MobileRecoil BoosterThis muzzle attachment increase the BP50 fire interval even more improving your mid range time to kill.
LEROY 438mm Rapid | BP50 | COD MobileLEROY 438mm RapidWe stick with the same barrel from the first loadout to keep that extra damage multiplier and fire interval.
LEROY Custom | BP50 | COD MobileLEROY CustomThis stock boost both of the BP50's horizontal and verticalrecoil make you gun a laser beam.
.30 Russian Short 60 Round Drums | BP50 | COD Mobile.30 Russian Short 60 Round DrumsHaving more than 30 ammo allows you to fully spray and go for multiple eliminations without having to reload.
Stippled Grip | BP50 | COD MobileStippled GripWe still use the same Stippled Grip because this is by far the best rear grip for the BP50

How to play this BP50 loadout

Opposite from the first loadout, these attachments build the BP50 for tactical playstyle which involve in ADS and holding objectives.

You will still has all the fast time to kill and fire rate, but you won't have silenced sound when firing, you can swap back to the maxim if you don't like the recoil booster.

You also need to slow down a lot during gun fight compare to the first loadout, basically this loadout is aim toward passive players that like to play more of a support role in the team.

Best Perk Class for BP50

These perks will enhance your experience when playing with the BP50 assault rifle:

Perk NameExplained
Lightweight Perk | COD Mobile - zilliongamerLightweightThe lightweight perk boost your sprint speed allows you to play even more aggressive then before plus it fit the whole BP50 loadout playstyle that we gave you.
Quick Fix Perk | COD Mobile - zilliongamerQuick FixQuick Fix is a mandatory perk at this point if you want to go for multiple or triple elimination but with the BP50 you have to reload as well, don't forget that.
High Alert Perk | COD Mobile - zilliongamerHigh AlertHigh Alert is one of those perk that you can use to be more aware of your surrounding when rushing around the map, having visual queue of where you are getting shot at can help you.

If you don't like High Alert blue perk you can change it with Dead Silence, it is also a good perk that silence your footstep so you can catch the enemy off guard or you can use it to flank the whole enemy team.

BP50 Skins List: Rarity & How to Get

Here you will be able to find all BP50 skins that are in Epic, Legendary, and Mythic rarity. Have fun browsing:

BP50 - Ion Eruption

BP50 Ion Eruption | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Rarity: Mythic

How to get BP50 Ion Eruption: Unlock this skin in Ion Pulse Mythic Draw.


BP50 ASH2ASH | COD Mobile - zilliongamer

Rarity: Epic

How to get BP50 ASH2ASH: Unlock this skin by reaching tier 50 in Season 6 Premium Battle Pass. Yes, this skin is not free.

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