CR-56 AMAX Stats, Attachment, & Skin

Find Out CR-56 AMAX Assault Rifle, Stats, Pick the best attachment, and Weapon skin list here.

Weapon Overview

You need to reach tier 21 in S5 Battle Pass to unlock CR-56 AMAX assault rifle.

Call of Duty: Mobile CR-56 AMAX | zilliongamer

CR-56 AMAX is in assault rifle weapon of Call of Duty Mobile that has very fast fire rate, good accuracy, good damage, and very low recoil. Fit perfectly in mid range combat.

CR-56 AMAX Weapon Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Range, Mobility

Note: This is a fresh stats for CR-56 AMAX. 0 attachment is equipped to the weapon.

CR-56 AMAXStats & Tier
Fire Rate:71

Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 5

The best CR-56 AMAX loadout in COD: Mobile

As we already know this weapon is good for mid range gunfight so the best CR-56 AMAX loadout is build to focus on increasing accuracy, damage range and reduce bullet spread accuracy.

The best CR-56 AMAX attachment in COD: Mobile | zilliongamer

The best CR-56 AMAX attachments:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor.
  • Barrel: MIP Custom Long.
  • Stock: MIP Tracker Stock.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.

The best CR-56 AMX Perk class:

Light Weight perk in Call of Duty Mobile.LightweightSprinting speed increased 10%.
Quick Fix perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Quick FixIncrease health regen when kill enemy.
High Alert perk in Call of Duty Mobile.High AlertVision pulses when enemies outside your view see you.

The best CR-56 AMX Perk class setup are: Lightweight, Quick Fix, and High Alert. These perks improve your movement speed, regen back health during gunfight, and spot where the enemy are at better.

CR-56 AMAX Skin - Rarity & How To Get

Here are all the CR-56 AMAX skin in Call of Duty Mobile:

CR-56 AMAX - Red Death

COD: Mobile CR-56 AMAX - Red Death | zilliongamer

Name: Red Death
Rarity: Legendary
How to get CR-56 AMAX - Red Death: Unlock this skin in Crimson Dame Draw.

CR-56 AMAX - Torpedo

COD: Mobile CR-56 AMAX - Torpedo | zilliongamer

Name: Torpedo
Rarity: Epic
How to get CR-56 AMAX - Torpedo: Unlock this skin in Season 5 Battle pass Premium Tier 50.

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