Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile 2024

When it comes to versatility and dominance, nothing beats the king of the hill: the assault rifle. These 10 ARs will shred the competition and have you climbing the rank like never before.

Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile

The assault rifle meta is constantly shifting, with tons of buffs and nerfs every season, it's important to keep track on which ARs is on the top of the list.

Best Assault Rifles in CODM

Here's a table of the top 10 assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile highlighting their primary strengths.

RankAssault RifleStrengths
1HVK-30Extra damage with Large caliber.
2DR-HHeavy hitter with potential two shot.
3Man-O-WarHard-hitting, very high damage.
4Kilo 141Easy to control, reliable all rounder.
5M13Pinpoint accuracy, low recoil.
6Krig 6High accuracy, moderate recoil.
7AK-47High damage, decent handling.
8Type 19Fast fire rate, high mobility.
9ICR-1Very low recoil and high accuracy.
10KN-44Versatile and consistent damage.

Please note that "best" is subjective and depends on your playstyles, and that weapon balance changes happens every season. Currently, we are in Season 2 "Lunar Dragon".

1. HVK-30

COD Mobile HVK-30 Toxic Charge skin - zilliongamer

The HVK-30 is the best gun in COD Mobile due to its high damage output within close and medium ranges. With the "Large Caliber Ammo" attachment equipped, you can take down the enemies with only three shots.

  • Damage: 24
  • Fire Rate: 71
  • Accuracy: 55
  • Mobility: 76
  • Range: 51
  • Control: 58

Recoil wise, it doesn't kick too hard which make the gun easier to aim. Overall, the HVK-30 should be the first choice when you want to win most close to mid range gunfight.

2. DR-H

The DR-H is a powerhouse in COD Mobile, known for its hard-hitting damage up to medium range, you only need three shots to the chest to take down an enemy. With the "OTM Mag" attachment equipped, the DR-H's damage get even higher!

  • Damage: 32
  • Fire Rate: 57
  • Accuracy: 63
  • Mobility: 79
  • Range: 54
  • Control: 57

While the DR-H does have a bit of recoil to control, you only need some match with it to get used to the recoil pattern and you will be rewarded with an AR that dominate mid-range fights easily.

3. Man-O-War

The Man-O-War is widely known as one of the mid range highest damage outputs in assault rifle class with only three shots to the upper chest needed to take down an enemy. Although the Man-O-War lacks fire rate which shoots a bit slow, it this case you need to be very precise with your shots.

  • Damage: 37
  • Fire Rate: 50
  • Accuracy: 69
  • Mobility: 69
  • Range: 58
  • Control: 53

You also need to know how to control the Man-O-War high recoil control. Beside that, it's a very good gun that you should try out and see the true potential of this assault rifle.

4. Kilo 141

The Kilo 141 is a reliable and well-rounded assault rifle in COD Mobile popularly known for low recoil pattern, making it beginner-friendly. It features a decent damage output with good accuracy and fast fire rate allows you to consistently take down enemies at close to long ranges.

  • Damage: 29
  • Fire Rate: 68
  • Accuracy: 57
  • Mobility: 79
  • Range: 54
  • Control: 55

Overall, if you are new to COD Mobile and you want the most reliable assault rifle that can be use in any situations the Kilo 141 is a solid choice for you to start as your main AR.

5. M13

M13 Cool Tiger | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

The M13 stands out in COD Mobile for its very fast fire rate and great accuracy. It fires bullets incredibly fast, giving you the advantage in close range fights. With minimal recoil, you can control it easily allowing you to be consistent with your shots up to medium range.

  • Damage: 24
  • Fire Rate: 88
  • Accuracy: 56
  • Mobility: 72
  • Range: 53
  • Control: 43

Overall, if you are trying to find a reliable assault rifle that consist of rapid fire with laser precision, the M13 is right for you.

6. Krig 6

The Krig 6 is well known for its accuracy and low recoil control, making it very easy to handle when firing fully spray at close, medium, and long ranges. Mobility wise, the Krig 6 allows you to move around the map easily make it a reliable tool for players to use.

  • Damage: 30
  • Fire Rate: 65
  • Accuracy: 62
  • Mobility: 79
  • Range: 56
  • Control: 56

Overall, if you want a good gun that's easy to control and high mobility the Krig 6 is the right assault rifle for you.

7. AK-47

The AK-47 is an assault rifle that hits like a truck which you only need a few shots to take down an enemy. But it has pretty high recoil control, so if you can manage the recoil kick, the AK-47 is prefect for you to use for close to medium range.

  • Damage: 33
  • Fire Rate: 55
  • Accuracy: 67
  • Mobility: 74
  • Range: 58
  • Control: 44

The AK-47 is a good assault rifle for veteran but not for most beginners, it's a powerful weapons that features high risk high reward

8. Type 19

COD Mobile Type 19 Celestial Ink - zilliongamer

The Type 19 deals very high damage and it can eliminate enemies in just a few shots, making it a good gun to use for close quarters combat. It's also has very fast fire rate allowing for precise follow-up shots after missing initial couple shots.

  • Damage: 28
  • Fire Rate: 75
  • Accuracy: 54
  • Mobility: 83
  • Range: 53
  • Control: 50

For players who like to play very aggressive, run and gun around the map the Type 19 is suitable for you and it's also good for passive players as well.

9. ICR-1

The ICR-1 is a great beginner friendly assault rifle that boasts very low recoil, making it extremely easy to control when fully automatic spray at long ranges. The ICR-1 is a solid all-rounder AR with high mobility as well allows for aggressive playstyle.

  • Damage: 30
  • Fire Rate: 60
  • Accuracy: 69
  • Mobility: 82
  • Range: 54
  • Control: 61

Overall, the ICR-1 is a fantastic choice if you want a good combination of all rounder and low recoil control assault rifle.

10. KN-44

The KN-44 assault rifle deal high damage output within close to medium ranges. The high damage combined with its moderate recoil control make the its a decent gun in most hand but if the players have honed their accuracy and know how to control recoil the KN-44 can be a good gun for you.

  • Damage: 29
  • Fire Rate: 63
  • Accuracy: 55
  • Mobility: 60
  • Range: 51
  • Control: 58

Overall, the KN-44 is a well balance assault rifle that you can use in causal mp match but it easily get outshine inside ranked match.


Ultimately, the best assault rifle in COD Mobile 2024 features a heavy hitter with good accuracy and handling while the mid tier ARs features good accuracy and very low recoil control.

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