Best SMG in COD Mobile 2024 Tier List

Our COD Mobile SMG tier list offers something for every playstyle. Aggressive run-and-gunners will love the top tier, while those seeking more balanced options will find great picks in the mid tiers.

Best SMG in COD Mobile 2024

S tier reign as the best SMG in COD Mobile they are the definition of top meta while A and B tier are great for most players. C and D tier on the other hand are considered off meta. 

COD Mobile SMG Tier List

Note: We're sorting all SMGs into tiers based on our knowledge, but they're not ranked best-to-worst inside those tiers. So be open minded and let us hear your feedback in our Discord.

Down below, we are going through each SMG details on why they are inside the tier they are given.

Tier S SMGs in COD Mobile

Tier S SMGs in COD Mobile

These SMGs are the absolute best, defining what's the best in the current meta. They excel at most things SMGs are known for. 


The PDW-57 is a powerhouse in close-range fights. It does a ton of damage with each shot, letting you tear through enemies quickly. It's not the best for long-range shooting, but if you can get up close, the PDW-57 is incredibly dangerous.


The CBR4 is a versatile SMG that excels in mid-range battles. It has a high rate of fire, excellent accuracy, and manageable recoil, making it a reliable choice for most encounters. The CBR4 also boasts solid damage output, allowing you to quickly take down targets within its effective range.


The MX9 is known for its blazingly fast rate of fire, turning it into a close-quarters beast. Up close, few weapons can outpace the MX9's potential to shred opponents. This SMG features decent mobility too, letting you zip around the battlefield while maintaining offensive pressure. Just be prepared for a bit of recoil!

Switchblade X9

The Switchblade X9 has an insanely fast fire rate, making it deadly in close quarters. It's ideal for aggressive players who like to push the fight. While its range isn't the best, the Switchblade's speed and damage up close make it a serious threat.


The QQ9 excels in close-quarters combat due to its excellent mobility, allowing you to outmaneuver opponents easily. It delivers good damage output and surprisingly high accuracy with the right attachments, letting you quickly shred through enemies at close range.

If you need an SMG that packs a punch and allows for aggressive playstyles, the QQ9 is a top contender.

PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon's biggest strength is its huge magazine size. This means you can keep firing for a long time without needing to reload, letting you suppress enemies or take on multiple targets at once.

Tier A SMGs in COD Mobile

Tier A SMGs in COD Mobile

These SMGs are fantastic all-rounders, they are not quite a dominant as S tier but still powerful and reliable.


The Fennec is a beast in close-range fights. It shoots incredibly fast, letting you shred enemies in a matter of seconds. It can be difficult to control and isn't great at long distances, but if you get up close, the Fennec is a powerful option.


The Razorback is a strong SMG because it's more accurate than most others. It has low recoil, letting you hit enemies at medium range where other SMGs would struggle. While it may not have the highest close-range damage, its accuracy makes it a reliable choice for most fights.

AGR 556

The AGR 556 is a great "all-rounder" smg in COD Mobile. It works well in close-quarters fights like an SMG but can also hit targets farther away like an assault rifle. It's easy to control and does decent damage, making it a reliable choice for many different situations.


The GKS is strong at medium range. It doesn't fire as quickly as some SMGs, but each shot hits hard. Its excellent accuracy and low recoil make it easy to land shots on enemies who are a bit farther away.


The MAC-10 is insanely strong in close-range fights. It shoots incredibly fast, letting you melt enemies almost instantly. It's not great at long distances and can be hard to control, but up close, the MAC-10 is a force to be reckoned with.


The MSMC is incredibly powerful up close. It deals a ton of damage and fires very fast, letting you shred enemies in seconds. It's less accurate at longer ranges, but if you can get close to your opponent, the MSMC is hard to beat.

Tier B SMGs in COD Mobile

Tier B SMGs in COD Mobile

B tier SMGs are solid and niche, they are usable but they also has weaknesses, still they are good in skilled hands.


The RUS-79U in COD Mobile is great for players who like to get up close and aggressive. It's very fast to move with and has a high fire rate, letting you put out a lot of damage quickly. It's not the best for long-range fights, but its close-quarters power is awesome.


The QXR is a strong all-around SMG. It deals good damage and is surprisingly accurate, making it effective at both close and medium ranges. It's also easy to control, making it a reliable choice for most situations.


The PPSh-41 is great because it has a huge magazine and shoots really fast. This means you can fire for a long time without reloading, letting you take on more enemies or shoot at an area for longer.

OTs 9

The OTs 9 is powerful up close. It shoots incredibly fast, letting you melt enemies quickly. It's hard to control and loses power at longer ranges, but if you get in close, the OTs 9 shreds!


The CX-9 is super strong up close. It shoots very fast, so you can quickly defeat enemies. However, it's not good at far away fights and can be hard to control.

HG 40

The HG 40 is a good, all-around SMG. It shoots fairly fast and hits hard, making it dangerous in close and medium-range fights. It's not the best at long distances, but it's a solid choice if you stay within its effective range.

Tier C & D SMGs in COD Mobile

Tier C and D SMGs in COD Mobile

C & D Tier SMGs are the underdogs, they are generally outclassed and often struggle badly against the meta.


The LAPA shines in close to mid-range battles. It has moderate damage but compensates with a high fire rate and superb accuracy, allowing you to land shots consistently and take down enemies quickly. While it's not the best pick for long-range engagements, the LAPA is a laser beam within its ideal distance.

Striker 45

The Striker 45 hits really hard up close. It's difficult to control and not great at long distances, but if you can get close to an enemy, the Striker 45 melts them quickly.


The Pharo is good if you're right next to your enemy. It fires bullets in quick bursts, allowing you to kill opponents very fast. However, it's difficult to control and has a small magazine, so you need to be accurate.


The Chicom is decent if you're close to an enemy and can hit them with all the bullets in a quick burst. It's bad at long distances and you need to be accurate since it doesn't have a lot of ammo.

KSP 45

The KSP 45 is good in close-range fights. It shoots in short, strong bursts that shred enemies if you're accurate. It's not great at long ranges and can be a bit tough to control.


Overall, the best SMG features high damage, fast fire rate, and compatible with both close and medium range. However the A and B tier SMGs also good to use as well.

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