Locus Stats, Attachment, & Skin

Find out Locus best attachments, stats, and weapon skin advantage here.

Weapon Overview

In order to get Locus sniper rife you need to unlock it in Locus weapon crate.

Visit the guide of Locus Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile.

Locus is a sniper rifle weapon of Call of Duty Mobile that has very high damage and insanely accurate. Locus is the new best sniper rifle in COD Mobile.

Locus Weapon Stats - Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Range, Mobility

Note: This is the fresh stats for Locus which mean that 0 attachments is equipped to the weapon.

LocusStats & Tier
Fire Rate:17

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Attachment Guide - Best Attachment for Locus

Locus has 4 attachment slots for you to equip. One slot is mainly for scope you can use acog or default sniper scope. Three other slots you can equip other attachments to strengthen the locus.

This is our recommendation on picking the best attachments for locus in Call of Duty Mobile.

Tactical ACOG Scope | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerACOGTactical scope enhanced sight.
FMJ | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerFMJIncreases material penetration.
Extended Mag | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerExtended MagIncreases magazine capacity.
Stock | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamerStockIncreases moving speed while aiming.

Here are the stats after attaching with ACOG, FMJ, and Stock.

LocusStats & Tier
Fire Rate:17

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Locus Skin - Advantages, Price, & How To Get

Weapon skin makes your gun look nice and also provide some advantage to you as well. Here are all the Locus skins in Call of Duty Mobile:

Locus - Flowing Bronze

Locus skin: Flowing Bronze | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Flowing Bronze
Gun perk: Kills can reload one bullet.
How to get Locus Flowing Bronze: Unlock Locus Flowing bronze by completing Elite marksman seasonal quest.

Locus - Yellow Snake

Locus skin: Yellow Snake | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Yellow Snake
Gun perk: Weapon kills have a chance to reload one bullet into the magazine.
How to get Locus Yellow Snake?

Unlock Locus Yellow Snake by reaching Master 2 in MP rank match of Season 3.

Locus - Cosmos

Locus skin: Cosmos | Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

Name: Cosmos
Price: N/A
Weapon skin advantage:

  • Kill prevent revealing victim death locations.
  • 10% Player XP Increase.

How to get Locus Cosmos: Unlock in Locus Weapon Crate.

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