Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Tier List

Find out the best weapon to use in any situation in Call of Duty Mobile here!! 

The Weapon Tier List is accurately based on in-game weapon stats.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Gun Tier List:

TierWeapon Name
SAK117, Type 25, Man-O-War, DL Q33, S36, Locus
ABK57, LK24, ICR-1, M4, AKS-74U, MSMC, Pharo, Chicom
BAK-47, ASM10, Arctic.50, M21 EBR, PDW-57, Razorback, RPD
CUL736, HG 40, M4LMG, M16, XPR-50
DHS0405, BY15, HS2126, Striker, J358, MW11, SMRS, FHJ-18

The Data of Weapon is sorted by values of Range, Accuracy, Fire Rate, Damage and without any attachment equipped.

Here is an image of our COD Mobile Gun tier list of Season 2 make by TierMaker:

Season 2 Gun Tier list Call of Duty Mobile (CODM).

Note: Our gun tier list will update or change every time there is a new update apply to the gun.

Find out the best weapon that has the fastest time to kill by view this Weapons Time to Kill chart.

Find out the best weapons to use in Call of Duty Mobile

Tier List of Each Weapon Types

Here you can find the tier list of each weapon in their own type.  Again the weapon data is based on in-game stats.


TierWeapon Name
SAK117, Type 25, Man-O-War
ABK57, LK24, ICR-1, M4
BAK-47, ASM10


TierWeapon Name
SDL Q33, Locus
BArctic.50, M21-EBR

LMG Tier

TierWeapon Name

SMG Tier

TierWeapon Name
AAKS-74U, MSMC, Pharo, Chicom
BPDW-57, Razorback


TierWeapon Name
DHS2126, HS0405, BY15, Striker

Pistol Tier

TierWeapon Name

Launcher Tier

TierWeapon Name

This is the raw stats without weapon attachment equipped.

Weapon Tier Explained

We create this tier list to prove which weapon is the best. By adding 5 total letters to identify the quality of all weapons such as "S, A, B, C".

S: Best

A: Great

B: Good

C: Decent

D: Shotgun & Secondary weapons.

However, don't quickly jump on the train with us. Try it yourself in-game and compare with our stats to see if our tier list is accurate or not.


In Conclusion, after reviewing the statistic we've seen that the best weapon to use mostly has High Fire Rate, Accurate and deal a good amount of damage.

If you feel like this weapon tier is inaccurate please leave the comment down below and we will correct it.

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4 CommentsZilliongamer
  • SantiagoC121101

    commended 2019-10-27

    I think the Shotgun HS2126 is better than Shotgun HS0405 because HS2126 has three fast shots and reload faster while the HS0405 Shots only one and reload Very very slow.
    • Ratanak

      commended 2019-10-28

      Yes but HS0405 has 15 more damage then HS2126 and if you attach laser sight and long-barrel the odds of killing enemy in 1 shot is greater then HS2126 shotgun.
    • SantiagoC121101

      commended 2019-11-03

      But why now the Striker is better than HS0405?
    • Ratanak

      commended 2019-11-04

      Striker support long range and has high fire rate which is better than HS0405 in term of rapid firing. HS2126 on the other side only support closerange combat.
  • SantiagoC121101

    commended 2019-11-23

    Can I add you in call of duty mobile?What is your Nickname?
  • SantiagoC121101

    commended 2019-11-30

    The Artic .50 is better than DL Q33 now for the update.
  • VeyJhow

    commended 2020-01-16

    I think that the UL736 is much more than decent , this gun have a awesome range and damage. In my opnion its better than the RPD and only lose to the S36 in small maps
    • VeyJhow

      commended 2020-01-16

      But I like so very much your work of making tier lists for us ;)
    • Ratanak

      commended 2020-01-16

      Hi VeyJhow! Thank you for your comment. The season 3 gun tier list is on the way, this time I'll make sure to get the most accurate and fair tier out of all guns. Thank you very much (:
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