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Here is everything that you need to know about Operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer. Find out about it more!

There 6 Operator skill in Call of Duty Mobile such as Purifier, Sycthe, Tempest, Transform Shield, War machine, and Sparrow.

Operator Skill List

Call of Duty Mobile | Purifier - Operator Skill - zilliongamerPurifierA Flamethrower that blasts a stream of scorching fire within close range.
Call of Duty Mobile | Scythe - Operator Skill - zilliongamerSyctheA Hand held machine gun that slowly increases accuracy over time.
Call of Duty Mobile | War Machine - Operator Skill - zilliongamerWar MachineFully automatic grenade launcher with a devastating payload.
Call of Duty Mobile | Tempest - Operator Skill - zilliongamerTempestHold the fire button to build up power and send a bolt of lightning at the target. Hits up to nine nearby enemies.
Call of Duty Mobile | Transform Shield - Operator Skill - zilliongamerTransform ShieldPlace a deformable shield.
Call of Duty Mobile | Sparrow - Operator Skill - zilliongamerSparrowIncreases range the longer the sparrow is drawn and has powerful blasting arrows.

Operator Skill Tips


Call of Duty Mobile | Purifier Tips - zilliogamer

Purifier or flamethrower will be unlocked once you reach player's level 3. This operator skill weapon can only use in close range otherwise the target won't be affected. Aim at the enemy and watch them getting burn down a live.


Call of Duty Mobile | Scythe Tips - zilliogamer

Sycthe or a machine gun is able to unlock at player's level 15. A very good weapon that deal high damage to the enemy in any range but require draw time before firing. Try to manage the bullet because this weapon has insanely high fire rate.

War Machine

Call of Duty Mobile | War Machine Tips - zilliogamer

War Machine is unlocked at player's level 26. Simply a grenade launcher with limited grenade that deal very high explosive damage. Can kill multiple players if you aim correctly.


Call of Duty Mobile | Tempest Tips - zilliogamer

Reach player's level 35 to unlock Tempest. The beast and one of the best weapon among other operator skills in my opinion. This lightning gun deal highest damage when firing, require holding down fire button. Try to use this weapon when the enemy stay close to each other and you will be surprised by the power of the gun.

Transform Shield

Call of Duty Mobile | Transform Shield Tips - zilliogamer

Transform shield can be unlocked at player's level 50. This shield barrier can be used for both offensive and defensive purpose.

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