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Arena Breakout Season 2 New Weapons

Season 2 New Weapons

Season 2 is coming out on October 27th, here are the newest weapons.

How to get Gold Ore in Arena BreakoutHow to Find Gold Ore

Find out how to get get Gold Ore in Arena Breakout.

Best Assault Rifle in Arena Breakout

Find the best assault rifle to use in Season 1 here.

Best Submachine Gun Arena BreakoutBest Submachine Gun in Arena Breakout

Find the best submachine gun to use in Season 1 here.

Best Carbine Arena BreakoutBest Carbine in Arena Breakout

Find the best carbine rifle to use in Season 1 here.

Arena Breakout Soft Launch on June 26thSoft Launch on June

Arena Breakout Soft Launch will be on June 26th.

Arena Breakout Global Coming out JulyGlobal Launch on July

Arena Breakout is releasing Worldwide on July 2023.

Weapon List

Primary Weapon List

Assault Rifle List | Arena BreakoutAssault RifleAssault Rifle is a type of weapon that you mainly use for close to mid range combat.
Submachine Gun List | Arena BreakoutSubmachine GunYou should only use Submachine Gun for close range gunfight.
Marksman Rifle List | Arena BreakoutMarksman RifleMarksman Rifle is great weapon that you can use for mid to long range gunfight.
Bolt-Action Rifle | Arena BreakoutBolt-Action RifleYou should use the Bolt-Action Rifle if you want to hit extremely long target.
Light Machine Gun List | Arena BreakoutLight Machine GunLight Machine Gun is a type of weapon that you should use for close to mid range combat.
Shotgun List | Arena BreakoutShotgunShotgun is a great weapon choice for you to use in point blank gunfight.
Carbine List | Arena BreakoutCarbineCarbine is a type of weapon that is similar to Marksman, you can use them for mid to long range.

Sidearm Weapon List

Pistol List | Arena BreakoutPistolPistol is a type of weapon that you should use when you run out ammo of your both weapons.

Ammo Chart

7.62x38mm Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x39mm2 Assault rifle and 1 Carbine rifle use the 7.62x39mm ammo.
7.62x54mm Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x54mm1 Marksman rifle and 1 Bolt-Action rifle use the 7.62x54mm ammo.
5.56x45mm Ammo | Arena Breakout5.56x45mm6 Assault rifle and 2 Carbine rifle use the 5.56x45mm ammo.
9x19mm Ammo | Arena Breakout9x19mm5 Submachine gun and 5 Pistol use the 9x19mm ammo.
12x70mm Ammo | Arena Breakout12x70mmAll Shotgun use the 12x70mm ammo.
7.62x51mm Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x51mm1 Assault rifle, 2 Marksman rifle, and 1 Carbine rifle use the 7.62x51mm ammo.
5.7x28mm Ammo | Arena Breakout5.7x28mm1 Assault rifle, and 1 Submachine gun use the 5.7x28mm ammo.
9x39mm Ammo | Arena Breakout9x39mm1 Marksman Rifle exclusive use the 9x39mm ammo.
5.45x39mm Ammo | Arena Breakout5.45x39mm2 Assault rifle and 1 Light Machine gun use the 5.45x39mm ammo.
12.7x99mm Ammo | Arena Breakout12.7x99mm1 Bolt-Action Rifle exclusively use 12.7x99mm ammo type.
.44 Caliber Ammo | Arena Breakout.44 Caliber2 Pistol use the .44 Caliber ammo.
.45 Caliber Ammo | Arena Breakout.45 Caliber5 Submachine gun and 2 Pistol use the .45 Caliber ammo.
7.62x25 Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x25mm3 Submachine gun and 2 Pistol use the 7.62x25mm ammo.
.338 Caliber Ammo | Arena Breakout.338 Caliber2 Bolt-Action rifle use the .338 caliber ammo.

Equipment List

Protection Equipment List

Helmet List | Arena BreakoutHelmetHelmet provide protection to your head area such as Head, Ears, or Face.
Mask List | Arena BreakoutMaskMask provide protection to your face, you can attach it to your helmet.
Body Armor List | Arena BreakoutBody ArmorBody Armor provide protection to your body area such as thorax, upper stomach, lower stomach, or shoulder.
Armored Rig List | Arena BreakoutArmored RigArmored Rig provide storage and also provide protection to your body area.
Gas Mask List | Arena BreakoutGas MaskGas Mask protect you from poison gas, or flash.

Storage Equipment List

Backpack List | Arena BreakoutBackpackBackpack provide extra storage to store your loot. The bigger backpack the more space.
Unarmored Rig List | Arena BreakoutUnarmored RigUnarmored Rig provide storage but won't protect you from bullet.

Miscellaneous Equipment List

Earpiece List | Arena BreakoutEarpieceEarpiece pick up more detail footstep and provide noise reduction.

Medical Items List

Drugs List | Arena BreakoutDrugsDrugs prevents you from being affect by pain.
Injury Treatment List | Arena BreakoutInjury TreatmentInjury Treatment heal your Wound (bleeding) or heal your Destroy (broken bone).
Medkit List | Arena BreakoutMedkitMedkit heal your overall health or wound body part.

Food & Beverage List

Food List | Arena BreakoutFoodYou need food to recover your energy and stamina after a long session.
Beverage List | Arena BreakoutBeverageYou need Beverage to recover your Hydration and stamina recovery.

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