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Topic & Summary

Arena Breakout Skin Outfits ListAll Outfit Skins ListFind all available outfit skins in Arena Breakout here.
Best Guns in Season 4 | Arena BreakoutBest Guns in Season 4Find out the latest best weapons in Season 4 here.
T951 Arena BreakoutT951Check out the best attachments for T951 here.
T03 Arena BreakoutT03Check out the best attachments for T03 here.

Weapon List

Primary Weapon List

Assault Rifle List | Arena BreakoutAssault RifleAssault Rifle is a type of weapon that you mainly use for close to mid range combat.
Submachine Gun List | Arena BreakoutSubmachine GunYou should only use Submachine Gun for close range gunfight.
Marksman Rifle List | Arena BreakoutMarksman RifleMarksman Rifle is great weapon that you can use for mid to long range gunfight.
Bolt-Action Rifle | Arena BreakoutBolt-Action RifleYou should use the Bolt-Action Rifle if you want to hit extremely long target.
Light Machine Gun List | Arena BreakoutLight Machine GunLight Machine Gun is a type of weapon that you should use for close to mid range combat.
Shotgun List | Arena BreakoutShotgunShotgun is a great weapon choice for you to use in point blank gunfight.
Carbine List | Arena BreakoutCarbineCarbine is a type of weapon that is similar to Marksman, you can use them for mid to long range.

Sidearm Weapon List

Pistol List | Arena BreakoutPistolPistol is a type of weapon that you should use when you run out ammo of your both weapons.

Ammo Chart

7.62x38mm Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x39mm2 Assault rifle and 1 Carbine rifle use the 7.62x39mm ammo.
7.62x54mm Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x54mm1 Marksman rifle and 1 Bolt-Action rifle use the 7.62x54mm ammo.
5.56x45mm Ammo | Arena Breakout5.56x45mm6 Assault rifle and 2 Carbine rifle use the 5.56x45mm ammo.
9x19mm Ammo | Arena Breakout9x19mm5 Submachine gun and 5 Pistol use the 9x19mm ammo.
12x70mm Ammo | Arena Breakout12x70mmAll Shotgun use the 12x70mm ammo.
7.62x51mm Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x51mm1 Assault rifle, 2 Marksman rifle, and 1 Carbine rifle use the 7.62x51mm ammo.
5.7x28mm Ammo | Arena Breakout5.7x28mm1 Assault rifle, and 1 Submachine gun use the 5.7x28mm ammo.
9x39mm Ammo | Arena Breakout9x39mm1 Marksman Rifle exclusive use the 9x39mm ammo.
5.45x39mm Ammo | Arena Breakout5.45x39mm2 Assault rifle and 1 Light Machine gun use the 5.45x39mm ammo.
12.7x99mm Ammo | Arena Breakout12.7x99mm1 Bolt-Action Rifle exclusively use 12.7x99mm ammo type.
.44 Caliber Ammo | Arena Breakout.44 Caliber2 Pistol use the .44 Caliber ammo.
.45 Caliber Ammo | Arena Breakout.45 Caliber5 Submachine gun and 2 Pistol use the .45 Caliber ammo.
7.62x25 Ammo | Arena Breakout7.62x25mm3 Submachine gun and 2 Pistol use the 7.62x25mm ammo.
.338 Caliber Ammo | Arena Breakout.338 Caliber2 Bolt-Action rifle use the .338 caliber ammo.

Equipment List

Protection Equipment List

Helmet List | Arena BreakoutHelmetHelmet provide protection to your head area such as Head, Ears, or Face.
Mask List | Arena BreakoutMaskMask provide protection to your face, you can attach it to your helmet.
Body Armor List | Arena BreakoutBody ArmorBody Armor provide protection to your body area such as thorax, upper stomach, lower stomach, or shoulder.
Armored Rig List | Arena BreakoutArmored RigArmored Rig provide storage and also provide protection to your body area.
Gas Mask List | Arena BreakoutGas MaskGas Mask protect you from poison gas, or flash.

Storage Equipment List

Backpack List | Arena BreakoutBackpackBackpack provide extra storage to store your loot. The bigger backpack the more space.
Unarmored Rig List | Arena BreakoutUnarmored RigUnarmored Rig provide storage but won't protect you from bullet.

Miscellaneous Equipment List

Earpiece List | Arena BreakoutEarpieceEarpiece pick up more detail footstep and provide noise reduction.

Medical Items List

Drugs List | Arena BreakoutDrugsDrugs prevents you from being affect by pain.
Injury Treatment List | Arena BreakoutInjury TreatmentInjury Treatment heal your Wound (bleeding) or heal your Destroy (broken bone).
Medkit List | Arena BreakoutMedkitMedkit heal your overall health or wound body part.

Food & Beverage List

Food List | Arena BreakoutFoodYou need food to recover your energy and stamina after a long session.
Beverage List | Arena BreakoutBeverageYou need Beverage to recover your Hydration and stamina recovery.

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