5.45x39mm Ammo Stats & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout there are 6 types of 5.45x39mm ammo in Arena Breakout.

Here you can the 5.45x39mm base damage, penetration power, and compatible weapons in this article.

5.45x39mm Ammo Chart

Here you can find a complete 5.45x39mm ammo chart featuring each bullet base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout 5.45x39mm ammo chart

The 6 differences types of 5.45x39mm in Arena Breakout such as HP, PRS, PS, PP, BP, and BS.

These ammo is compatible for several weapons such as: AK-74N, AKS-74U, RPK16 LMG.

5.45x39mm Ammo Graph

In this part, we have a full ammo graph that compare all their base damage and penetration power.

Arena Breakout 5.45x39mm ammo graph

5.45x39mm HP

The 5.45x39mm HP is a tier 1 penetration ammo that deal 76 base damage, and 15 penetration power plus 5.2 armor damage.

This ammo has a bullet velocity speed of 884m/s, this ammo is great for close to medium range. You can use it against enemy with lower tier armor.

Price wise, the 5.45x39mm cost a total of 86 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

5.45x39mm PRS

For the 5.45x39mm PRS, it's also a tier 1 penetration ammo that can deal 59 base damage and 11 penetration power plus 4.9 armor damage.

This ammo also has a bullet velocity speed of 890ms/s, it's great to use for close to medium range and against low tier enemy.

You can buy this ammo with the price around 37 Koen per unit but the price may change.

5.45x39mm PS

The PS version is a tier 2 penetration ammo which can deal 53 base damage and 25 penetration power plus 7.5 armor damage.

This ammo has a bullet velocity speed of 890m/s, you can use this for close range and enemy with low tier armor.

Price wise, the 5.45x39mm PS can cost you around 50 Koen per unit. (Price may change).

5.45x39mm PP

The PP version of the 5.45x39mm is a tier 3 penetration bullet that deal 46 base damage with 31 penetration power and 11.2 armor damage.

It's has a speed velocity of 890m/s a pretty fast ammo that you can use against mid tier ammo and extremely good for close to long range combat.

Price wise, the 5.45x39mm PP worth around 108 Koen per unit. (Price can change). It's a pretty good price for a tier 3 ammo.

5.45x39mm BP

For the 5.45x39mm BP it's a tier 4 penetration bullet that deal 48 base damage with 41 penetration power and 16.8 armor damage.

This ammo has 890m/s bullet velocity speed, a great ammo type to use against enemy with high tier armor. It's great to use for close to mid range gunfight.

The 5.45x39mm BP cost an average price of 360 Koen per unit but the price can change in the future.

5.45x39mm BS

The 5.45x39mm BS is a tier 5 penetration bullet, it can deal up to 44 base damage with 52 penetration power and 26 armor damage.

This ammo has a bullet velocity speed of 830m/s, this is the best ammo when it come to using at a high tier armor enemy.

Price wise, the 5.45x39mm BS cost you an average of 806 Koen per unit. It's pretty expensive but it worth the damage output.


In conclusion, the 5.45x39mm ammo is a powerful ammo with fast bullet velocity and high damage output. You can use it with some ARs and LMG.