5.7x28mm Ammo Stats & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout there are 5 types of 5.7x28mm ammo.

Find these bullet base damage, penetration power, and compatible weapons inside this article here.

5.7x28mm Ammo Chart

Here is a chart of 5.7x28mm ammo showing the detail of these bullet base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout 5.7x28mm ammo chart

The 5 differences types of 5.7x28mm in Arena Breakout such as R37.F, R37.X, SS197SR, L191, and SS190.

These ammo is compatible with AR57 (Assault Rifle) and P90 (Submachine Gun).

5.7x28mm Ammo Graph

In this part, you can see a full graph comparison of the 5.7x28mm ammo alongside with their base damage and penetration power.

Arena Breakout 5.7x28mm ammo graph

5.7x28mm R37.F

The R37.F is a tier 0 5.7x28mm ammo that deal 81 base damage and 5 penetration power plus 3.9 armor damage.

The R37.F has a bullet velocity of 729m/s, a great bullet to use for close to medium range gunfight. Beside that, this bullet have a medium chance of causing injuries.

You can buy the 5.7x28mm R37.F ammo with the average cost of 210 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

5.7x28mm R37.X

The R37.X is a tier 1 ammo that can deal a 74 base damage and 15 penetration power with 6.3 armor damage.

This ammo has 724m/s bullet velocity which is good for close to medium range gunfight against low to mid tier armor enemy.

Price wise, this ammo cost you around 222 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

5.7x28mm SS197SR

The 5.7x28mm SS197SR is a tier 2 ammo that deal 62 base damage and 22 penetration power with 9.4 armor damage.

This is a great ammo to use for close range combat with a bullet velocity of 594m/s. It work very well against mid tier armor enemy.

You can buy the 5.7x28m SS197SR ammo around 155 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

5.7x28mm L191

For the 5.7x28mm L191 bullet, it's a tier 3 penetration ammo that deal 58 base damage plus 32 penetration power with 11.4 armor damage.

This ammo has 716m/s bullet velocity, pretty fast ammo to use for close to medium range, mostly close range against enemy with high tier armor.

This ammo type has a price around 213 Koen per unit and the price may change. It's a great ammo overall.

5.7x28mm SS190

The 5.7x28mm SS190 is the most powerful ammo that you can get. It's a tier 4 penetration bullet that deal 49 base damage and 41 penetration power.

The SS190 has a bullet velocity of 716m/s, a fast bullet that also has extremely high penetration power. Great for close to medium range.

Price wise, this ammo cost an average unit of 616 Koen, it's pretty expensive. (Price can change).


In short, The 5.7x28mm Ammo is a great Assault Rifles  (AR57) and (P90) Submachine gun. It's a strong ammo to rock against high tier armor.