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Find the best P90 build in Arena Breakout and which ammo you should use with this weapon inside this article.

Arena Breakout P90 Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The P90 is a submachine gun that use 5.7x28mm ammo which generate extremely fast fire rate of 1000 Round per minute with an effective range of 38 meters.

The P90 is a very good gun for close quarter gunfight, it has low recoil and it's quite a cheap gun that you can buy.

Budget P90 Build in Arena Breakout

P90 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

This is a budget build for the P90 in Arena Breakout. For this loadout it's great for using against close range enemies.

Here is the best attachments for budget P90 build in Arena Breakout: 

  • Receiver: P90 Up.
  • Magazine: P90 Top
  • Barrel: P90 30
  • Stock: P90 S.
  • Muzzle: P90 F.Adptr.
  • Stock: P90 OEM
  • Stock: P90 Std.

Scope wise, you can use any scope that you are comfortable using.

For this loadout build we have improve the overall P90's recoil control and ergonomic, make the gun very easy to use in close range.

Price wise, it can cost you around 37,000 to 39,000 Koen to assemble the P90 from scratch.

Expensive P90 Build in Arena Breakout

P90 Arena Breakout Expensive Build - zilliongamer

For this P90 build, it's highly decked out with high performance attachments allows the weapon to be extremely strong in close range.

  • Receiver: P90 Up.
  • Base: P90 Top
  • Base: P90 Side
  • Tact.Accessory: B-V.Laser
  • Magazine: P90 50
  • Barrel: P90 S.
  • Magazine: P90 F.Adptr.
  • Stock: P90 OOEM
  • Stock: P90 Buff.

Scope wise, you can use any scope you are comfortable with.

For this P90 build, we have improve the weapon vertical and horizontal recoil as well as make the hipfire even more accurate for close range gunfight.

For the price to build this weapon from assemble, it can cost you around 110,000 to 111,000 Koen. It's quite expensive for a build but it's worth the performance to gain.

Best P90 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can find all compatible ammo tier base and their penetration power to use with the P90 Submachine gun:

5.7x28mmBase DamagePenetration
R37.F (T0)1349.4683.3
R37.X (T1)1232.84249.9
SS197SR (T2)1032.92366.52
L191 (T3)966.28533.12
SS190 (T4)816.34683.06
SS198 (T5)766.36879.8

After you see this damage chart, you can see which ammo you want to pair with your P90 build, try to plan your raid first then pair it with the ammo choice.

Say when you plan on going to a high level raid you will meet most enemies with high body armor level so using T3 ammo or higher can be effective.

However, if you are going into a low level raid, you can use T3 ammo or lower, it's enough for dealing damage against enemies with lower armor tier.

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