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Suomi is a Submachine Gun released inArena Breakout Season 3. Here you can find the best Suomi build guides and which ammo is good for this SMG.

Suomi Performance Overview

Suomi is a good submachine gun to use for close quarter combat and close range with good accuracy and it has an effective range up to 25 meters.

Arena Breakout Suomi Performance Overview

The Suomi SMG uses 9x19mm ammo with very fast fire rate of 850 RPM which can generate 14.16 bullet per second allows for a very fast time to kill.

Overall, the Suomi SMG is a good gun to use for close range and it quite cheap to build a proper attachments which elevate the gun to another level.

Suomi Best Attachments

This is the best Suomi build in Arena Breakout, you can try this build out and it's only cost you around 16,000 Koen to assemble from scratch.

Arena Breakout Best Suomi Build | zilliongamer

Here is the best attachments for Suomi in Arena Breakout:

  • Bolt: Suomi.
  • Stocks: Ded. Suomi.
  • Base: Suomi.
  • Scope: Personal preference.
  • Muzzle: Suomi A.
  • Magazine: Suomi 40.

For Scope, it's entirely preference, you can choose any scope you like or most comfortable using.

We have improve Suomi vertical and horizontal recoil, add slot for scope, and increases extra 20 ammo in the magazine.

Best Ammo for Suomi in Arena Breakout

Here are a complete table stats of ammos that Suomi use inside Arena Breakout:

9x19mmBase DamagePenetration
Dumdum (T0)1090.3256.64
PSD (T1)764.64212.4
PST (T2)708283.2
AP6.3 (T3)679.68424.8
7N31 (T4)665.62566.4

As you can see in this ammo table chart, the best ammo to use with Suomi is either PST (T2) or AP6.3 (T3) to see the potential of this SMG. However, you can go all in with the 7N31 (T4) but the ammo price sometime cost higher than the SMG itself.

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