9x19mm Stats & Compatible Weapons

For all the 9x19mm ammo there are 5 types in Arena Breakout.

Find it's base damage, penetration level, and compatible weapons in this article.

9x19mm Ammo Chart

This graph represent the 9x19mm ammo chart alongside with their base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout 9x19mm ammo chart

The 5 difference types of 9x19mm in Arena Breakout are: Dum-dum, PSD gzh, PST gzh, AP 6.3, and 7N31.

The 9x19mm ammo is compatible with MP5, MPX, UZI, MP40, Vector9, G17, M9A3, G18C, MP9, and T05.

9x19mm Ammo Graph

Inside this part, we present you a visual graph comparing each of the 9x19mm ammo type base damage and penetration power.

Arena Breakout 9x19mm ammo graph

9x19mm Dum-dum

The 9x19mm Dum-dum is a tier 0 penetration bullet that deal 77 base damage with 1.2 Armor Damage and 381m/s bullet velocity.

This ammo has a high chance to cause injuries, and it's great to use against a lower tier armor enemy.

Price wise, the 9x19mm Dum-dum has an average price 90 Koen per unit. It's great for pistol.

9x19mm PSD gzh

The 9x19mm PSD gzh is a tier 1 penetration bullet that deal 54 base damage, and 15 penetration power with 5.8 armor damage.

Also it has a pretty fast bullet velocity of 340m/s, and it's great to use for close quarter combat.

For the price of this ammo, you can get it with an average price of 67 Koen per unit. A pretty good ammo for tier 1 bullet.

9x19mm PST gzh

For the 9x19mm PST gzh, it's a tier 2 penetration bullet that deal 50 base damage, and 20 penetration power plus 7 armor damage.

However, it's not a really good ammo to cause injuries against your enemy despite having a whooping 467m/s bullet velocity.

The PST gzh is a great ammo to use against low tier armor enemy with the average price of 48 Koen per unit.

9x19mm AP6.3

The 9x19mm AP6.3 is a level 3 penetration level that deal 48 base damage and 30 penetration power with 382 m/s bullet velocity.

This ammo is good to use against enemy with high tier armor by dealing 12 Armor damage. However it's only good for close quarter combat.

Price wise, the 9x19mm AP6.3 cost an average unit price of 118 Koen. It's a great ammo for your SMGs.

9x19mm 7N31

For the 9x19mm 7N31, this bullet is a level 4 penetration level that deal 47 base damage and 40 penetration power plus 18.2 armor damage.

The 9x19mm 7N31 has the fastest bullet velocity of 600m/s which is great for close to mid range gunfight. It's the only armor piercing ammunitions.

For the price of this ammo, you can get it with an average price of 518 Koen per unit. It's quite expensive but if you want to output maximum damage, you gonna need this.


In conclusion, the 9x19mm ammo is a great bullets for the designate SMGs and Pistols. Try to buy the higher tier ammo to maximize your firepower.